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I must admit that I am greatly disappointed with this site. Not in the potential it has, I know of NO other site that tries to produce the type content this one does. The content is not in question, the presentation is the failure.

I know there are a lot of people who could do a better job, and declare so in this forum. I am not one of those, I simply do not have the time (LOL). I wonder if the words from the people in this forum are heard by the powers that be?

I read one thing on some of these site pages and see the opposite, that is my biggest complaint - and before you start with under-staffed, their own page boasts of low turn-over rate. In any case, with the situation of employment today, they should have no problem filling positions.

The live shows... MAN! I cannot watch those things, and I have tried. Right off I was warned to "be nice". CRAP! I said "hi" to pink and commented that I liked the way she wiggled. And I got these annoying warnings throughout the, I hesitate to call it a show. There was so much going on in the room, and I bet 60% of the feed was of the floor or a blurred camera swing as the camera person moved from one position to another. With all the activity THERE IS ONLY ONE CAMERA!

A cheap solution would be to have one, two, three would be better, cameras on tripods - the feed rotating from one to another electronically at set intervals - the camera person would be able to switch to that feed remotely when he/she is about to make me seasick, or move to another position. Of course this would involve planning the set up and placing the actors in that set up... HUMMMMMM.

And I have heard that Kink is trying to provide content it's customers desires... Judging from the crude comments of the live chat... they might want to make closer checks on the age of their customers. I do not understand why I got so many warnings when I was not cursing or making any crude remarks... or maybe that is why. Customers also use these forums to express their desires, but with the number of people using them, which seems to equal the number of those commenting on every post, sometimes to the point of continuing the post when the original poster has long abandoned it, it seems these posts go unread by the producers of Kink.

It is sad that the full potential, other than making the buck, is not utilized. When I began my research of this site it was supposed to be scene-oriented, lifestyle oriented, community oriented... I see some activity, and applaud it, in the local San Francisco community, but their is a much larger community online - and by community I mean the BDSM community at large. With just a little more planning, directing and producing, this site could be the best BDSM site ever, providing not just entertainment, but as mentioned somewhere in another post, educational as well. I see very little educational content, and 75%, I venture, of the entertainment value is lost due to poor production techniques - amateurs producing content for professional premium...


Customers: use the forums to express your desires.

Kink: use the forums to improve the content of this site to better entertain and satisfy your customers.


  • I have been a member of the Upperfloor for four years.
    I have not renewed my membership last january.

    Most things you wish for WayneRush did happen four years ago.
    There was a very good professional cameraman (Justin) who made beautiful steady shots. There was a lot of participation of the San Fransisco BDSM community at the parties. A lot of action during those parties was not scripted. BDSM was more important than just the fucking and sucking you see nowadays on the Upperfloor.
    The slave girls were really trained in providing service oriented BDSM to the trainers and guests of the upperfloor. They were more than just pornstars.

    Unfortunatly the quality of the site is going downhill very fast for the last two years.
    Unless there is a change in direction i'm not interested in becoming a member again.
    I think back to the good days with a smile.


  • i have to agree the site has become predictable and long in the tooth
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    intentional or unintentional cut-backs with the 'new' rebranding' image is taking their toll on KINKs overall image.... at least for members that remember/knew KINK in its earler maturity......such is Life....

    the Forums are not used by many that use KOD, KL and/or Members of KINK Sites that do
    'LIVE' Shows unfortunately... and many Members/Models/Staff from the past as Woody1 describes have long since departed... some still stay in contact w/ each other via other 'social-media'.....

  • sigh... I cannot play, "as in the past" anymore as my sub (better) half is a recovering cancer survivor... guess I was expecting to live vicariously through TUF. Are any of the other sites- S&S DB or ToO more B/D, D/S oriented? I do enjoy sexual use, but a gradual build-up through service and discipline, and some bondage play is what I seek. I began to watch the new stuff, and viewed several pages before returning to the older. Tell you what... people move on, life changes, obliviously big time in my case, but when Cherry Torn departed, I think the foundation left with her. That lady is a pearl, and almost true to my own experience. Thanx for yer time and input, have a GREAT DAY!
  • Just an FYI WayneRush - I have been an UpperFloor live viewer many, many times. I will tell you that your experience owed to one of two possible circumstances -

    1) They had a very new or inexperienced Kink Help person "moderating" the show. This has happened once or twice before in the past few months. Normally you don't hear from them, nearly at all, unless someone comes in and makes extremely overt problematic comments. Pink is highly skilled at dealing with such cretins anyway, and generally doesn't need the help.

    2) And I say this only as a "there's only one other possible explanation", not to start a flame war with you -- perhaps your recollection of the things you wrote isn't quite the same as others perceived it. Commenting on Pink's wiggling isn't just acceptable - it's a tradition.

    As for the cameras - they were testing out a new system some months ago that involved multiple, portable, motion-canceling (?) digital cameras, but I haven't heard any update on it since then. Perhaps gatormanx knows something.
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    i do but its a very kinky secret......

    WayneRush - u wont find many if any that would argue/disagree with u about CHERRY, certainly those that saw her 'LIVE' while at KINK on TUF....truly kinky 'epoch' in every bdsm sense of the meaning....prolly will never ever be repeated in this kinky era in time...

    she doesnt get enuf recognition (imo) from KINK...
    the 'old' KINK Forums were filled with many accolades of 'sextolment' for her 'slave' work
    she has here as well in this current FORUM Version...but the knowledge base of her on 'LIVE' TUF is dwindling more & more each month as time passes by...

    then again there arent many in the new gaggle '50 shades...' crowd -that know of her kinky TUF work or prolly ever will...

    thankfully she still is maybe those who dont know of her past they can get a taste of this very stimulating kinky artist devoted to BDSM artwork.... truly she is in a League that few others will ever aspire to...

    as far as other KINK sites (imo) to fulfill the void u wil not find the strong BDSM element that TUF had... sadly...

    others may disagree...but thats my observation/experience....

    sorry for u & 'better-half' situation
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    some images are just kinkerFULLy sweet....
  • GREAT pic of my SC hottie Mr. G...Cherry rocks ALWAYS!!!
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