Request: Ultimate Forced Feminization Scene

I realize that this might be a lengthy scene, but Kink is in a unique position with the variety of models with whom you work to be able to pull it off without it being completely cheesy.

I would like to see a scene in which a cuckold husband is completely feminized including implants. If you could find a male model who looks something like one of your TS models, the scene in summary would go something like this:
1) Wife who is dissatisfied with her husband's performance and who can only fulfill her with his tongue decides that he would be a better wife than husband. Informs him that he will no longer live as a man.
2) Cut to operating room where husband is being prepped surgically transformed to a woman, but wife let's him keep his penis as a reminder of what he once was. Scene would go up to the point of being put under. Cut to recovery where husband gets first glimpse of new self (a TS model).
3) Husband pimped out as full service French maid to pay for surgery. Scene(s) of husband being anally and orally used by male customers.


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    WOW! Now this is a cuckold scene even I a straight guy find favorable. This kind-of reminds me of a film scene Mistress Mz Berlin did with TS Gia Darling outside of Technically; It would still count as a cuckold scene if a guy is forced to give a blow-job to a hot TS. Better yet have the TS fuck his ass as well with a Mistress doing the same with her strapon. Couple this with complete forced feminization dressed in panties, mini skirt, blouse and stilettos. Of course full feminine make-up and forced to have a tampon up his ass. Awesome humiliation.
  • love it - straight guy forced to give a blow job to a TS dressed as a huge slut in a see through babydoll - stockings and heels, i am sitting watching it all happen xx
  • Perhaps you could change the setting to IRAQ in a city that has been occupied by ISIS.
    A man who lives there has been pimping out his wife to any horny man who will pay enough money.
    The ISIS guy who was put in charge of the civilians of this town during the occupation investigates this and finds that this man is more of an atheist than a Muslim. His neighbors know this is going on and has been for some time now. The neighbors think that he needs the money to buy food for his 7 children, and his and his wife's families have been killed, so he has nobody to help him. The neighbors believe his excuse will allow him to adopt an end -justifies-the-means attitude.
    The komandant decides that the people of this town have forgotten everything they learned about adultery, so they need an education.
    Since he has allowed other men to fuck his wife, everyone should be completely dissatisfied with this man. A good Muslim man would not allow any other man to do his wife.
    He should have fought off the men who wanted to schtupp her or died trying. Therefore he will be feminized to provide the other men of that town with an example of a bad man who tolerates adultery.
    Yes he is allowed to keep his penis, but as for the other things hanging between his legs, ... well farmers have this tool they call an emasculator.
  • Should Isis Love change her name? I think so.
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    Should Isis Love change her name? I think so.
    I think retired Mistress Isis Love name stands perfectly remembered by all her fans.

    And the Ancient Greek/Egyptian Goddess Isis worshiped during the Roman Empire has no correlation with the U.S. led NATO ISIS coalition in Iraq

  • I would like to see this but only if a TS model was comfortable shooting it
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