Pain and Pleasure The End

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*Continued from Pain and Pleasure Part 2*

Her brothers enter the room. I have no more tears to cry. I do everything I am told and they have their way with me. Filling up every whole, taking turns in my mouth as I swallow each one of them. My face is slapped, my throat is clenched tightly with their fists, someone even bites my arm! There is no place on my body that has not been their property!
Finally all the brothers gather around me and I sit on my knees in the center of their circle. "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!"
I obey and they cover my face and mouth with their cum.
"You are our cum slut!"
They toss me onto the bed and tell me to go to sleep, that I will need my rest for tomorrow. I am finally at peace and I quickly drift off.
I awaken only to find myself alone, dressed, and in my apartment. What? Was that all a dream?!?!
I shake my head! Couldn't have been, it was too real!
I look out and it is dark! I slept the afternoon away!
I have things I need to do! I walk to my car at the dark end of the parking lot, where I always park.
After all, you never know what may happen in the dark. :)


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