More live audience matches!

I love your one on one matches, but your live audience matches are a real treat. I really enjoyed the match where ref Christian Wilde got into the sex round action. You should encourage the hot guys in the audience to take their shirts off for even more eye candy. Here's my fantasy match: let's start with the refs. I would like to see Nick Moretti and Connor Maguire, or maybe Tyler Saint. They should be wearing wrestling singlets. Now for the contenders. How about Billy Santoro, Sebastian Keys, Seven Dixon, and either Saint or Maguire, depending on who the refs are. Let's have the wrestlers start out nude - cut to the chase. At the beginning of round 2 the refs strip off the tops of their singlets. Round 3 the refs should strip off the singlets entirely. Then when we get to the sex round you should grab a couple of hot guys (prearranged), strip them down and have a good old fashioned 8 man orgy on the mat. Now There's a hot, hot, hot Naked Kombat session!!!!!


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