Suggestions for MOE

Have been an absolute fan since the site began, but updates lately have been a little lackluster. My suggestions

1) More bodybuilder / muscle models please! MOE is all about making masculine muscle men succumb to hot edging and cock torture. Let's have more of that! Love to have more actual bodybuilders onto the site!

2) Cumming twice! Morgan Black's cum once, no, cum twice, shoot is fucking awesome! Let's have more of that!

Hope somebody is reading this :)


  • I agree. More Muscle. More straight guys and more tops
  • MOE have you ever tied each ball separately? (new member)
  • I completely agree with the musclar models and cumming more than once.
  • Actors I'd love to see: JAY SMOOTH, Noah Jones, Will Braun. Tyler Rush, Johnny Rapid, Paddy O'Brian..I know they aren't all straight, but I think they'd all be willing! And I'd love to see the return of others like Dominic Pacifico, Lance Hart, Morgan Black, Duncan Black, Luke Adams, Colby Jensen, Devin Adams, Sebastian of course. hahaha. And many many more!!!
  • Oh yeah Brendan Cage!!!
  • !) Christian & Sebastian EDGE Van, 2)Van tie up each ball with cock separately,
    and 3) More Flogging
  • Saw a clip of two guys foot worshipping a straight dude strung up. I
    > almost came instantly. I'm a super foot freak for masculine guys
    > (straight and gay) and this scene sent ME over the edge. Please
    > incorporate more of these foot worship/bondage scenes... in my
    > estimation NOTHING is hotter than watching that aspect as part of
    > the whole edging scene. Thanks a lot for considering it.
  • I would love to see more of Tommy Regan and please tie him down like you did Andrew Fitch, Jay Cloud or Dylan Strokes. I really like tight bondage and the pipes really keep the models from moving, which I think intensifies the edging.
  • Real fan of Wilfried Knight. His edging session on here is hotter than other porn he does. Also, Rico Romero. Nathan Martin is not my type, but makes me ejaculate all the time w/ his double cum session. More double cum sessions, like Mike DeMarco too. Also liked Mitch Vaughn (1st one), Fabio Stallone. I like GAY Pornstars, not gay dudes who say they r str8? Would be hot to see Arpad Miklos, Brock Webster, Tyler Reed, Marc Williams, and other hot guys on here too. More ethic guys. Not everybody only likes white guys all the time. Thanks Van!!! Great site! Also more Robert Axel.
  • I have been a member consistently for almost 2 years and really love the site and themes presented. I would love to see Ricky Larkin return and get the Men on Edge/Bound Gods treatment (I don't know why he just did a Naked Kombat film and never returned). Like the previous commenter, I could always see more men of color like Robert Axel or Osiris Blade return. I also would like to see some more mind control/hypnosis themed shoots and explore that side of BDSM. Looking forward to more shoots.
  • A Men On Edge scene Van, where you massage a naked guy into a full HARD ON,
    or maybe for Bound Gods too???
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