F A Cup for Chatty

Hi Chatty, draw for next round of FA Cup.
Arsenal away to Brighton. Man U away to Cambridge United. If Everton beat West Ham tomorrow night they will be away to Doncaster or Bristol. Chelsea home to Millwall or Bradford.


  • Hi Chatty nothing happening tonight. I'm tied so calling it a night. Night night all sleep tight.
  • Thanks for the update sir! I bet there are more people here interested in this than just me!!!!!!
    Almost all the Premier teams seem to play away...allows the smaller teams to make some profit too!!
    Miss M...does the Bundesliga have this sort of tournament too?
  • Another match on TV tomorrow too...
  • Yes, they have the same kind of tournament in the German Bundesliga Cathy! It's sometimes very interesting, especially when the amateur teams beat the professionals! It's called the DFB Pokal (DFP CUP) here in Germany! :-) Sorry for my belated answer, I really hate this fucking time delay here! X(
  • I thought so...the US doesn't have anything like that...in any sport that I know of...
  • There was really a amateur team who defeated the 1. FC Bayern München very humiliating some years ago! I really loved this game! :D
  • I thought so...the US doesn't have anything like that...in any sport that I know of...
    Even the US Olympic teams are all mostly "professional" now. :(

  • True, and I think that isn't really "Olympic" anymore (no matter which national team).
  • In 1975 my home town football team was still an amateur side. They advanced to the third round of the FA Cup where they played First Division (now Premier League) side Middlesbrough. They drew 0-0 at home before losing 0-1 away. Middlesbrough finished in 7th that year in the First Division.
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    Everton and West Ham match today at 2:30...GO EVERTON!!!!!!
  • Chatty from the Kink Sports Desk!
    1. UNC women (and my friend Sylvia) crushes NC State...YAY
    2. Everton one down at 70 minutes to the West Ham Hammers...BOO!!!
  • WOW...Chatty from the sports Desk

    EVERTON scores the equalizer at 91 minutes!
    1-1 right now!!!
    PS: I'll try to come back tonight and report the final...not sure I can make it though!
  • OK...I guess I don't know what the fuck FA cup is but it is important to CU, Chatty and my friend F so someone tell me who we pull for and the rangerettes will cheer. I just know that UT isn't playing...good fucking thing...that's just another thing we could lose at!!!
  • YAY...Everton holds on for the draw...luckily!
    I'm not sure what happens now...I heard something on the TV that they have to play again early next week now because they have to have a winner...
    What's cool about watching these is when the big guys go to the little parks the minor teams play in...even the TV coverage is different!
  • Alex and Sonia, cheer for Southampton C.
  • Hi sir...I can cheer for them too sir...until they play my Arsenal!!!! >:)
  • Hi. Looks like I started something here. More people interested than I thought. Chatty Everton and West Ham play again next week at West Ham's ground Upton Park. The winner will play either Doncaster or Bristol. The replay is slightly different in that there has to be a winner on the night. They play the game as usual for 90mins, plus any stoppage time. If the scores are level then extra time of 30mins, 15mins each way. If still level it goes to penalties each team going alternately it's normally the best of 5 each, but if after 5, then it's sudden death. The first team to miss scoring loses. At one time the teams used to just keep playing at various neutral grounds till one lost, but this was changed after some games had so many play off's that the systems were getting blocked up. Morgane if I remember correctly the F A Cup is the oldest cup game in the world.
  • The FA Cup has indeed a colourful history. The Amateur aspect only adds to this. To expand upon my earlier post, the home pitch of my towns team was built on a hillside and had a slope built into it - an 11ft difference from side to side. Experience taught the team that you could gain an advantage by playing through the top end of the slope. Middlesbrough were top of the First (Premier) Division at the time and found it a difficult proposition. And because they were an amateur side, in the truest sense, three players on the home team had to go to work on the day of the game. Over the years, many players turned down pro-contracts because they enjoyed playing as an amateur.
  • Hi sir!
    I bet that was spectacular to watch! Way better than our boring stuff! So next week it has to end with a win so they use the same format as ending a WC game???
    One thing sir...I have never ever been able to figure out cricket!!!!!!
  • Cricket? Well that subject would need it's own thread or at least an "All Sports" thread.
    Hint, Hint.
  • O goodness...don't get her started on that one!!!!!!
    She has a hard enough time keeping up with all of her "chores" now!!!!!
    Alex :-j
  • What about a boules or darts thread? :D
  • Think I should post a interesting video here for my friend Mr.CU. It shows from where football (soccer) came to Germany. :-)

  • Oh goodness...NO DARTS!!!!!
  • Hi Chatty! :-) Keep cool honey, it was just a joke! :D
  • GREAT Video Miss M!!!
  • It's a true story, and unbelievable but also true, football was really forbidden once for quite some time in Germany! :-)
  • I still remember what someone said here last year...The English and the Germans play football for 89 minutes...then the germans win!!!!
  • It was Gary Lineker a English football player and his quote is famous: Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win. :-)
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