Anyone have a match up they'd like to see?

More big guy matches would be my preference. Love to Mitch Vaughan and Landon Conrad go at it.


  • Doug Acre vs Hayden Richards
    Doug Acre vs Troy Sparks
    Doug Acre vs DJ
    Troy Sparks vs DJ

    Any of those. No gimmicks, tags, oil or anything else. Just straight up NK matches (on a large mat)
  • Yes, there are several match ups I'd like to see, thank you for asking. They are as follows: me with any of these incredibly delicious attractive talented female models.
  • Doug Acre vs Sebastien Keys!
  • Doug Acre vs Sebastien Keys!
  • Any need for a volunteer in a naked match fight.

  • Big muscle hairy guys, please =)
  • Doug Acre vs Jaxton Wheeler
    Joey Carter vs Landon Conrad
    Mitch Vaughn vs Jaxton Wheeler
    Steve Davis vs Marcus Ruhl
    Doug Acre vs Troy Sparks
    Jaxton Wheeler vs Steve Davis
  • Doug Acre vs Sebastien Keys
    Kirk Cummings vs Tyler Sweet
    Landon Conrad vs Mitch Vaughn
    Landon Conrad vs Marcus Ruhl
  • Big vs small, would love to watcha big muscular guy get surprised and overpower by a small skinny guy and then get a humiliating fuck!
  • I really wanna see the match Doug Acre vs Connor Patricks.
    And see after the match which one would be the undefeated wrestler.
  • Doug Acre vs Sebastien Keys
  • I would to see a tag team OIL match between Mitch Vaughn..Landon Conrad...Marcus Ruhl and Jaxton Wheeler
  • Really like the match idea from JeremyLN1986. Another of mine would be a studio tag team match no oil large mat, Mitch Vaughan & Joey Carter vs Jaxton Wheeler & Seven Dixon.
  • Robert Axel, Christian XXX aka Maxx Diesel, Skye Woods
  • Would love to see Leo Forte take on Jessie Colter! any way: no gimmicks, or oil, or Texas rope, or any other way possible.
  • Mitch Vaughn v Billy Santori PLEASE
  • Doug and Hayden
  • I would love to see Angel Rock vs Landon Conrad or Angel rock vs anyone!
  • Mitch Vaughn vs. Nick Capra

    Any chance of getting Landon Conrad and/or Rick Sinz back on the mat.
  • I'm really liking thick Nick Capra back in front of the camera lately. Maybe Nick Capra and Robert Axel.
  • Mitch Vaughn v Billy Santori PLEASE
    Interesting..image :)
  • My favorited matches would be:

    Mitch Vaughn vs Billy Santoro
    John Smith vs Abel Archer
    John Smith vs Jed Athens
    Jed Athens vs Ivan Gregory
  • seven dixon & mitch vaughn vs drake jaden & brenn wyson

    actually i love to watch old-wreslter like rusty stevens, spencer reed, mitch colby..
    or can we call connor maguire to NK?
  • Doug Acre vs Dylan Knight
  • what a doulbe 3 fit tops using one chubby unfit sub like me and taking it in turns to pin him down double fucking his ass and the other top using his open mouth
  • Please make one sports gear smuckdown match from the following wrestlers :

    John Smith vs Jed Athens

    This would be my favorites for all time :)
  • I have see one of my all time favotites Connor Patricks are back ! :)

    I hope Doug Acre come back again, and i could see one scene the two undefedt champion goes one on one.

    Or both of the vs John Smith or Jed Athens.
  • it would be a good idea to see guys playing with each other DsO
  • what happened to this weeks match?
  • would like to see alexander gustavo vs lance hart....both have equally body shape and height....sure is a perfect and nice match
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