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A long time ago, on the old forums, there were hundreds of stories in this discussion...not so much anymore for some reason...anyway...I thought I'd write one like we used to do so it's coming up shortly. No, it's not great but I hope it's fun and that people like it.
In the old days we wrote them in hopes that they would become shoots...but since BGB is no longer in existence, no hope there...but it's a story anyway...it'll be here in a minute.


  • So here's the story...or at least the start of one!

    The blonde nurse entered the hospital for her night shift. The first thing she did every night was check her email. She opened one with the subject of READ THIS!. She gasped in shock when she saw the messge. UNLESS YOU WANT THIS SENT TO EVERYONE HERE, BE IN THE SUPPLY ROOM AT 9. She looked at the photograph of herself in the back of a car performing oral sex!
    At 9, she walked into the supply room and was horrified to see three men waiting for her AND her woman supervisor.
    “I told you the slut would come” the woman said to the three men.
    “What do you want?” the blonde said to them all.
    Her answer was a hard slap from the other woman.
    “What do you think we want slut?” the woman laughed. “Get out of those clothes NOW!”
    Naked now, the blonde stood in front of them all now and tried to cover herself. One of the men pulled her arms behind her and the woman quickly taped her elbows together. Then she felt a tight fist in her hair and she was pulled downwards and onto her knees.
    “We know you like to suck cock whore…show us how you do it.” Her mouth was forced open and before she could react, the first man was deep inside of her. They all heard her gurgling as the woman knelt next to her and began to rock her head back and forth on the man. Her head moved faster and faster as the man pushed into her. Then, with a groan, the man filled her mouth with his fluid. “Swallow it all whore!” the woman snapped at her. Then she was turned around and the second man was in her mouth.
    Each of the men took their turns in her mouth. When the third man filled her mouth, the woman pushed her fingers in and scooped out some of the cum and laughing, rubbed it all over her face.
    “My turn now slut!” and the blonde was horrified as the woman slid out of her own panties and spreading her legs, pushed the blonde head between her own legs. “Do it right slut or I’ll give you back to them!” The blonde used her tongue until she heard the woman moan loudly and then her face was covered with a woman’s fluid.
    “Good girl slut’ the woman said but you’re just starting. She picked up both pair of panties on the floor and pushed them deeply into the blondes mouth and wrapped a strip of tape around her head. “That’ll keep you quiet slut”.
    The blonde sobbed as the door opened and two more men came into the room. Her hips were lifted and she felt her legs being forced apart. Then she felt a man brutally enter her vag. He could hear her squealing through her gag as he pumped in and out of her…then she felt herself fill with hot fluid again. She sobbed as she was passed to the other man.
    “Ever been done here you spoiled rich bitch? I’m an ass man!” To her horror, she felt him drive into her there. She screamed uselessly through the panties in her mouth as the man savagely thrust in and out of her until he filled that opening too.
    Laughing, the woman said “don’t get lonely slut…we’ll keep you company ALL NIGHT LONG!” Taping her ankles, she was left on the floor.
    A constant stream of men AND women visited the room throughout the night. Once, the woman who tormented her came back in and watched two men fucking her together. “Oh good, now you can do two at a time you fucking slut!”
    “make sure you tape her again when you’re finished with her” the woman said as she left again.

    The woman returned in the early morning hours. The blonde was still on the floor, tightly taped and gagged. Yanking her to her knees by her hair again, the woman said “Long night slut…and when you come in for your shift tonight, you come straight here. You’re our new whore”
    Taking the gag off of the blonde, she said “what are you slut?”
    “I’m your new whore” the blonde replied.
    “That’s right…that’s exactly what you are”
    Using her scissors, she released the tape and threw her clothes down to her.
    “Get your whore ass out of here until tonight!”

    TO BE CONTINED (Maybe!)

  • Guess I need to do better!
  • keep trying Chatty...they'll get better and better...
  • Oh I'm going to keep trying Miss Alex...I didn't get this one down very well...good idea, bad writing...
  • Just keep writing...you just need to find you recognizable stile..and you will get that just if you write,write,write..
    and don't be to much self critic...image :)
  • Thanks sir...I'll keep at it and get better!!
  • Good story in my opinion little sister! Coolzero is right, just keep on writing and it will get better and better! I'm already curious about the second Part..!!! ;;)
  • Hi big brother!! >:D<

    I'll work on my stories while I'm gone so I can sand off the rough edges!
    Thanks for the encouragement too...
    Your sis,
  • You are welcome Cathy! Will we see a second part of your story? :-/
  • I don't know yet...I have another one in mind first...golfers fucking a poor blonde slut!
  • That one writes itself!!!!!!!!! :D
  • You really should write more stories Cathy, because they are sometimes very arousing..!!! :\">
  • I will...Miss K encourages me a lot!
  • The stories are even better if they are true.
  • Some of mine are...this one was not!
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    Well...here's another effort at a "story". Miss K encouraged me to keep trying (as did everyone else here too!). This one was a lot easier to write and if anyone is truly interested...I'll do the second part before Christmas.
    Background: We used to do stories here as ideas for Kink shoots. With the changing temperatures at Kink...the hardcore ones may not be doable any more...but who knows...this one just features submission and group sex so perhaps???
    Anyway...here goes:

    The blonde's boyfriend invited a group of friends to their house for a party to watch a certain sporting event on the television...
    “You know what I expect slut?” He said to her
    “Yes” she replied softly
    “You know what happens if you make me unhappy?”
    “Yes” she said again
    “What?” he snapped
    “I get the paddle” she replied
    “Good…now get your ass to work”

    The blonde served drinks to everyone and then went back to the kitchen to wait. “Get in here slut!’ she heard and she walked into the room where the party guests were seated. “Give us a show whore” one of the men said.

    The blonde lay on the floor on her back and spread her legs. Her fingers moved between her legs and into her panties. The all watched as her fingers moved on her. Soon, she began to moan softly as her body rocked. “Don’t make a sound!’ her BF said to her. Her fingers moved faster and faster and she began to tremble. They could all hear her loud breathing as she struggled to stay silent. Then her back arched and her eyes rolled back as clenched her teeth and inhaled loudly. “Are you all wet whore?” one of the women asked. “Yes” the blonde replied. When the blonde opened her eyes again, she saw that her boyfriend had taken his cock out. “You know what to do slut” he laughed.

    She got onto her knees and put her hands behind her back. Crawling to him, she leaned over and took him into her mouth. They all watched as the blonde head moved up and down on him. They watched her tongue move around the shaft and then she took him all the way into her throat. Her head moved faster and faster on him and then…he groaned with pleasure as he filled her mouth with his hot cum. Her throat worked as she struggled to swallow everything. Finished, she used her tongue and hair to clean him. Then she looked up and saw that the three other men had their cocks out too. With a look at her boyfriend, she turned and moved to the next man! Twenty minutes later, she finished the fourth man. “You’re a good whore” her BF said to her as she cleaned the last man.

    “What about uspig?” one of the women laughed. The blonde looked at her boyfriend and saw him nod. She crawled to the first woman. With a nasty smile, the woman lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. “Do it right whore!” the woman snapped as she took a fist of blonde hair and pushed her head between her legs. The guys in the room heard the woman begin to moan softly as the blonde head moved. Suddenly the woman gasped loudly and pushed the blonde head down further. As the men watched, the woman trembled and groaned loudly! Finally, she lifted the blonde head up and the men saw her faced covered with the woman’s juice. “Well?” the woman said and laughed as the blonde used her tongue and hair again, this time between the woman’s legs.

    “You’re a mess, pig” the second woman said when the blonde finished. “Where are your toys?” “Take her downstairs” her boyfriend said. “The game is getting good!” Both women stood and as one pulled the blonde to her feet by her hair, the other opened the basement door. “Bring her back when you’re done” the boyfriend said as the two women pulled the blonde through the doorway and then closed it.

    Please let me know what everyone thinks!!!
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    wheres the anal hook? downstairs, cant wait..... and of course nipple clamps too......
    lets 'see' some BDSM for the cummmm slut.....
  • A good story Chatty...but it seems familiar...fun?
    What happens next? I interested in the g-g-g parts!!!!!!!!
  • I'm working on that Miss Alex...maybe on Friday OK?
  • Yes, Chatty...share the next part with us! Stop denigrating yourself...your stories are fun...not Hemingway but JEEZ LOUISE...this is Kink not the Pulitzer competition!
  • Gosh thanks Sonia!
    I'll work on it for this weekend!!!!!!
  • Chatty, I do really like your stories! Keep them "cumming" Jim
  • OK sir...I'll try to do the next part this afternoon sir!
  • OK...here we go!
    BACKGROUND: The blonde has just finished sucking four cocks and doing one woman with her mouth. She has now been taken downstairs to her basement by the two women.
    They stripped her completely and then tied her elbows behind her back. The second woman took her skirt and panties off and sitting, spread her legs.
    “MY TURN PIG” she said to the blonde, now on her knees. The blonde’s head was pushed between the woman legs. Suddenly the blonde was jerked up and the woman slapped her hard twice! “I expect it done right pig! I want to feel that tongue ALL THE WAY inside of my box!” And her head was pushed back between the thighs again. The room was filled with the sounds the tongue made on the woman and her own moans of pleasure.

    “Where’s the fucking toys pig?” the first woman said as she opened drawers. Reaching into one, she came out with a HUGE rubber dildo. “Oh here’s one!” she laughed. Then as the blonde was still using her tongue, her legs were spread and the massive dildo was pushed deeply into her vag. Both women laughed as they watched the blonde stiffen and groan as it with into her. As the woman manipulated the rod inside the blonde, the other woman arched her back as the tongue inside of her brought her orgasm! “Look at the nasty pig…she’s cumming too!” the woman using the dildo laughed as the blonde screamed again in pleasure!

    Moments later, the blonde head was pulled out of the woman’s crotch. Her face was covered in the woman’s cum. “You are a nasty pig” one of the women laughed…”Put this one in her too!” The blonde was helpless as a plug was pushed all the way into her back love oven. Both her ovens were now filled! The women tied her knees and ankles together.

    Another toy came out of the drawer. “Put this on the dirty pig too!” As her head was pulled back, a large ball was pushed into her mouth and the harness buckled around her head. The blonde was not completely helpless and silent. One woman eyed the hooks in the ceiling. “What do you think…hang her up?” She asked.
    “Nah, let the guys figure out what they want to do to her.” The second woman replied.

    Both women returned upstairs. “We left the pig down there for you guys. She’s all wrapped up for you!”

    PART III if there is any interest!
  • See chatty...you CAN do it...every time you write you get better and better...and some of the guys here are interested too!
  • Do NOT give up Chatty...every one gets better and better!
  • Gosh Thanks guys!!!
    I'll keep trying...
  • I really need to update this don't I!!
  • Good morning (if there anybody should be out there)! :-) Yes indeed Chatty, I really think you should update this thread with one of your nice autobiographic stories! I really love them! :x
  • Good job chatty , we are waiting for part III :)
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