Let's talk about music

Hi everyone. I'm the hotblondenurse HBN. Some of you may be familiar with this thread from the past. Miss Coolzero started it before and I hope she doesn't mind if I redo it here.
Anyway, MUSIC is the second most critical thing in my life. I hope that people will share some of their favorite songs and music to accompany our sexual activities! I'll start by saying that I'm a classic rock girl but can do almost all music (except boy bands!) You will have a good start with me with ANY Tull or ANY Pick Floyd! So please share!



  • Hi Chatty! How are you doing?
  • I'm way better now that you're here to help me Miss Morgane! I have to figure out how to do pics. This is more like a chat thing...which is OK by me. At least we can all still be here! I'll send Miss K a note and tell her about it. It's also pretty cool in that it tells us who is on line.
  • I think we'll have more things to talk about tomorrow when people figure out how to use this place! I'll put up some more "music to fuck by!" tomorrow everyone.
  • Hello little sister...! This song is for you:
  • Legionnaire knows now how to post a fucking Youtube video...!!! Just copy and paste...!!! :-) :-) :-)
  • Can you tell me each step? It must work for pics as well. I tried it yesterday but I guess I'm not smart enough to get it to work! I also can't open the thumbnails at the profile pic place to change mine. I'm going to talk to Miss K and she if and which photo she will let me post for my profile!
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    It doesn't works!
  • Which doesn't work? For stupid chatty, NOTHNG works!

    I'll start to improve my music to fuck by tomorrow everyone. We're all still trying to figure this out!
  • For music videos you just have to copy the URL on Youtube or somewhere else and then paste it into "Leave a Comment" Cathy...!!! :-) I'm leaving here now for today, bye bye..!!!
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  • HI MISS K!!!!!! :-) :-) !!

    I guess my work is. I never thought that far about it. BF and pleasing him are pretty high up there too.

    Here's a lyric for Miss K:

    "I'm an eight ball playing two fisted drinking son of a gun
    I wear my jeans a little tight ust to see the little boys come undone
    I may not be a 10, but the boys say I clean up nice!"

    I'm here for the party!"

    Gretchen Wilson...
    PS: I'm better now that you're here Miss K.
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  • It does really suck doesn't it Miss K!!!
    Like my song for you?
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  • I'm afraid to ask Miss K??? :-)!!
    Can I tell you my joke from the other day? I think you will like it.
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  • want to hear my joke?
    If it's didn't go in your mouth,where did it go? :-)
  • Miss K, may I go to bed soon? I'll send you your nightly thing first.
    I'll give you both a nightly thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
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  • WTF!!!!
    Miss Alex this is NOT COOL.
    Can't you just play with Gwenore and Sonia PLEASE. I'm not trying to be impertinent to you.
    Miss K and I don't tease you or Sonia!
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    How are you doing today beloved little sister...??? Legionnaire dedicates this German-Lithuanian anti war song to you only...!!! First the translation:

    Anti war song from the Memel area in East Prussia, around 1900

    Once five wild swans passed
    Swans, shining white and beautiful
    "Sing, sing, what happened?"
    Not one of them was seen again.

    Once five young men passed
    Proud and brave into battle
    "Sing, sing, what happened?"
    Not one of them returned home.

    Once five young birch trees grew
    Green and fresh on rivers bank
    "Sing, sing, what happened?"
    Not one of them stood in blossoms.

    Once five young girls grew
    Slim and pretty at Memel´s bank
    "Sing, sing, what happened?"
    Not one of them bound the bridal wreath.
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    There is also another song with very strong words, texted, composed and sung by the same singer of Legionnaire's first posted old anti war song above, who expresses his current feelings about all this shit very well...!!! There would be also a very good English translation in the Youtube video for people who are not so familiar with the German language...!!! Someone made a English version too, but it is not a bit close to the original..!!! I better ask you Cathy before I post the video of this song, because it is very sad..!!! Would you like to hear it though Cathy...???
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    Ooops..!!! Pardon me, my fault...!!!
  • Thank you Mistress Gwenore Ma'am..!!! :-) And what about this song?:

  • Alexandra will not misbehave again. I promise all of you.
  • Thank you young Lady...!!! :-)
  • Hi big brother!
    I don't know if you know this or not but H#2 was a soldier and I feel badly about the mess at Fort Hood again!

    I'll do music stuff again in a little while OK,
  • Heard about Fort Hood also, and it made me very sad Cathy..!!! By the way: Who was H#2 again..? Your father..? And what do you think about my two posted songs..?
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