Shemales in Hogtied

Would you guys consider having shemales dominating women on the hogtied site.


  • A good looking Shemale doing it would be great
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  • Hi Newlover12 yes it would be good if they are have nice looking bodys etc ;) =(( :-bd
  • Sounds fun & I really hope it happens! :-)

    TS Stefani Special
  • Hi Kinki_Stefi_89 i also hope that they come to the screen for us al to enjoy =(( <:-P :-bd
  • I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that not all kinks should be meshed together, especially if they speak to very different desires.

    I would be hugely against shemales in Hogtied
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  • no, but shemales being dominated would be more like it
  • sounds good if you can find a shemale guy ?
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  • Rangerettes agree with DOMIRL and Kim...
  • Hi Dommealex I think it would be good to see SheMales Hogtied if you can fine them .
  • Sorry to burst the bubble, but it's not going to happen on HT. That is cannibalizing our other TS sites, and at this time we don't offer a site that caters to the specific fetish you are looking for.
  • That's what we were hoping to hear JP
  • what are the chances of having a channel dedicated to submissive TS's exploring a variety of ideas derived from the other channels?
  • There's obviously demand for submissive TS, and its quite specific enough that viewers from other channels would not be interested in seeing it in the other channels.
  • let's keep them separate please
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    at present KINK isnt promoting any 'new' sites .....

    if there were a subscription Misc KINK Site featuring all the different Fetishes that come in almost daily would be good.. prolly though b4 any site of this nature KINK will go the direction of KOD and utilizing such 'categories' as
    Kink-Test-Shoots/Kink Compilations/Kink Raw Test Shoots/Kink-Partners/Kink-Live which have no subscription available... not only requests of this nature but others we read in the Forums almost everyday that dont 'fit' exactly to existing KINK Sites require also resources Directors/Models/...etc.. that KINK may not have existing access to... it takes a lot of co-ordination to produce the quality vids that KINK is known for (both technical and content) so as the Directors/Models/etc... become(npi) available to do the various different alt-lifestyle predilections KINK prolly will produce them on a pay as u go basis per just makes business sense even if its kinky....

  • I join Alexandra...let's keep them separate...
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    to try and cover all the varying degrees on existing sites would be detrimental to the existing market they individually serve...(imko) and as JP_ThePope states above it would be "...cannibalizing our other TS sites...." he addresses it for this thread but it would infringe other sites for all the different tastes that are suggested not only for this but the rest in Forums we see posted... Theres no problem with suggesting but KINK as a business tries its best to satisfy as much as they can for as many kinky possible ...with their current set-up... which is a good business model....currently they are choosing to 'rebrand' and adjust to a more '50 shades...' approach.
  • I love Hogtied... And I have no interest in seeing Shemales on the site.
  • Neither do I!!!!!
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    Speaking as an educated Trans-woman, equal & sexworker rights activist, Pornstar, fetish model, new producer, Lifestyle submissive, professional switch, member & longtime fan.

    The original & progressed subject of this ongoing thread here in this Hogtied forum is the inclusion of Trans-women on (predominantly male-dom in this case) hardcore BDSM sites. Somebody really should have stated this a while ago as it seems there is much confusion, of course stemming from the use of slurs that perpetrate the stigma against Trans performers in the title of this thread.

    This thread & the many other threads like it is actually NOT a matter of "Shemales in Hogtied". The theme or premise of HT & sites like it is & hopefully always will be BDSM, suffering, torture, forced orgasm, bondage...etc. If Trans performers were included like their Cis-gender co-stars - HT would definitely NOT become a "Shemale" fetish site like most of the commenters here seem to think. That paticular fetish is only one part of Trans porn & is/would continue to be most definitely separated from the original actual fetishes of this site. If Trans-women are ever to be involved - the original premises of these sites would no doubt remain the same & the only difference would be that more beautiful women of varying body types would be included in the opportunity of participation in these productions. This of course being even more fulfilment of Kink's mission statement of demystifying & celebrating alternative sexualities. Although being Trans is of course not an alternative sexuality, displaying a full spectrum of their sexuality is.

    All of that being said, I understand/respect JP's answer & Gator's elaborate alternative explanation. However, I do hope that this helps to clear the state of confusion & negative rhetoric that this ongoing thread was regressing into. The bottom line is some of you want Trans performers casted in these types of roles at Kink & some of you don't.

    Stefani Special
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    For my partner and I, It's not a matter for casting in roles..there are straight sites, gay sites, lesbian sites and TS sites...each has their audience...

    sorry if that's perceived as negative...It's not meant to be...your opinion is worthy of are you. There's room for all of us to enjoy what we like here and respect each each other at the same time. :)
  • @dommealex: Just seeing this. Sorry to leave you hanging, been busy.

    Thank you for your respectful response. It's not just my opinion though. Scientifically Trans is not a sexual orientation like straight, gay & lesbian, it's an identity. Many straight & lesbian porn consumers (now more than ever) like seeing TS & want the content range to expand. Same with TS fans. That's one of the reasons we are seeing more & more demand pop up everywhere & productions companies coming out with new TS lines or directors adapting to fulfill. All the audiences overlap & everyone watches everything at some point anyways because all the sites use pretty much the same models. The only thing holding back inclusion & integration is society induced false misconceptions perpetuating stigmatization. Well that & Director's choice which I respect because the majority of HT members want to see Cisgender women in BDSM roles. There is however a smaller portion of members of HT & a larger portion of members of the 2 TS sites who would like to see Transwomen in these roles as well as others. Check out the TPSH, Suggestions, General, TSS... forums for more proof if need be.

    All this being said, I would be open to continuing this conversation with you elsewhere, maybe in PM if you would like...

    Stefani Special
  • Sounds fun & I really hope it happens! :-)

    TS Stefani Special
    hi there
  • I would actually love to see shemales TIED in Hogtied scenes, but the powers that be will probably never let it happen because they prefer the only penises the girls to have be fake ones. Maybe a GG could turn the tables on a TS girl in a TS Pussy Hunters scene?

  • DSC03397
    Many Years ago pain slut Mandy Mitchell was lucky to get tortured, hogtied and finally straponfucked almost senseless by famous Princess Donna for Mandy Mitchell's own website.
    I would love to see such shoots from time to time on TSPH too. There are a lot of sexy tgirls who would love to get totally dominated by ggirls. For example Stefani Special, Kelly Lox, Mandy Mitchell of course, TS Foxxy, Honey Foxx, Tiffanny Starr, gorgeous Chelsea Marie and many more.

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