suggestion for live shows on Naked Kombat

Instead of the ref announcing the rounds, have a guy in a jock strap or nude walk around with a sign like they do in boxing. Also before round 3 maybe have members of the audience be fluffers for the wrestlers.


  • It was really great when in recent tag match the ref stripped of and joined in the sex round. MORE PLEASE!!
  • I was only one time, however here a few ideas. I agree with put one guy for announcing the round. He will start wearing shorts and at the last round either wearing a jock strap or better being naked, with a hard bone. The guy whom was sit down next to me, neither understood the point system and he told me that it was his 3 time. A blackboard were public will see how it is going the mach will created a nice excitement and the final decision will be after the last round, announced by the judge. The judge could show more excitement and at least at the last mach playing with the ass or dick of the wrestler will add more heat. For the public, put 2 or 3 guys in each side to acting as a cheering the rest of the viewers. Promote, public touch themselves, not showing genital put let the public show some excitement, or if your next guy want to touch you, better. yes not kisses, because it will obviously show more interested in your next guy than the mach. The wrestlers, interacting closer with the public. Yes allowed some touch and even a quick suck. Please don't destroyed the jock strap, play with them, clean the ass of the opponent, dry they own cock and then offer to the public, for sure it will be guys eager to keep it. In you want more constructive critiques about the filming aspect, please contact me and allowed to see more events.
    Carlos ( tepuy)
    PS, yes unfortunately I saw missing big opportunities for being showing from the cameraman to record, that guys whom pay for the video will appreciated, and one of the bottom wrestle guy broke the main rule in any porn video, just most wait until the other guy cum, let to be record and then just must play with the cum in your mouth, not drink or take directly, letting the viewers missed the ultimo moment.
  • Tell me more please. What match did the Ref strip and join in? Sounds hot.
  • An added voice for more nudism at all the matches..Getting nude should be a cost of a ticket to the match.for all the audience.Select two seconds for each of the wrestlers who will join in on the victory or punishment.Select two nude audience members as auxilarry judges. Definately have nude sandwich board announcers for each round.Let all the wrestlers get pissed off at the ref for lousy judging and take him on at the end of the match--strip and fuck him..LEAVE the robes in the locker room--this is NAKED KOMBAT not a fashion contest..
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