TS Models needs to expand their terrority!

Hey what's up people? So, lately, we have seen TS Seduction expand to dominate women on TS Pussy Hunters. Now, while I do realize Kink.com's business model and having talked with several people who works in Kink.com via FetLife and other social media accounts over the years, I am rather disappointed that they have ignored the fact that not all TS models are Dominant people, per se.

In the private and personal aspects of the BDSM community (not the professional aspects), we have seen more than its share of TS/TG/TV/etc. BDSM lifestyle members in many scenes submitting, dominating and a select amount of those transgender ladies (and transgender men) switching. Whilst many have their own fetish identities (such as submissive, slave, slut, boi, grrl, Domme, Mistress, Goddess, Top, Bottom, Sadist, Masochist, Painslut, etc.) in many local communities all over the world, we should at least ask the peeps at Kink.com to see a submissive version of TS bondage!

There are many unknown (and some well-known) bondage sites that are displaying videos and photo galleries of transgender women submitting and so forth, so why not create a site specifically for transgender women (and hopefully transgender men) to be submissive models and having other men or women being the Dominant partner(s) for a change?

We have seen many expansions over the year with Kink's wide variety of bondage content from pissing to slave training to naked bondage style wrestling (good stuff, btw), with its generic (or some people who identifies as cisgender or biologically born male/female, etc.) male and female models over time simply starting with Hogtied.com, then expanding and in the last few years, we have seen female Dominant models take over the directing/rigging/modeling, etc. roles in new sites and of course, the familiar yet classic but always ever changing site of Hogtied.com (it's original seed of all things Kink.com), and lately, it got me thinking - if gay bondage and lesbian bondage sites are being introduced on Kink.com on a weekly or daily or monthly basis, plus a lot of bisexual action as well fetish action (i.e., Everything Butt, Pissing, Fucking Machines, etc.), why don't they introduce similar versions of TS bondage sites (i.e., a TS/TG version of Hogtied or version of Training of O, Device Bondage version, etc.) with new names and new perspective and new look on the future of TS Bondage content on the world wide web? Whilst we have local and unknown and semi well-known sites already doing that (while some of them are just plain tasteless pieces of shit websites not doing it right or just literally butchering TS bondage content on purpose doing things that is obviously not BDSM-wise), it should be Kink.com taking the lead as well Intersec Interactive (two of the top biggest companies that does BDSM porn and often well sought after - for those who are possibly not familiar with Intersec, look up http://www.insexondemand.com/ and http://www.insexarchives.com/ and purchase the DVD documentary film called "Sexual Graphic Horror" on the history of the rise and fall of Insex.com, if you get the chance) and give those two companies (now equally based in the Bay Area after years, since there's been some rumors that Intersec has moved to Oakland for the foreseeable future, so not sure if they still have its original locations such as the farm in the Catskills in upstate NY or anything, but they should give it a shot.

And from the look of things, it seems Kink.com is the BDSM version of WWE, purchasing other companies and sites such as Sadistic Rope, Chanta's Bitches, etc. and adding it to the Kink empire, as it were, and Intersec Interactive is like the ECW/WCW version competing in some way (if that's not known enough) - it's like Monday Night War all over again, but for BDSM only on a daily, weekly and monthly basis! How cool is that? Sure, business wise, it's not exactly good considering there's so much competition out there, but at least they're still standing at the moment, and Kink has made some okay ish (on an technicality) calls such as purchasing The SF Armory which obviously pissed off a lot of people in San Francisco in its early days, and so forth, but if they're truly to last longer and keep making good BDSM content on film and so forth, they gotta learn how to work with others and try hosting sites specifically for its transgender fetish community and really expand their once creative minds, bring in fresh blood and old guard BDSM and truly become immortal.

And they should start by creating sites specifically for TS/TG models who'd rather submit than dominate on screen. Think about that for a wee bit, savvy?

Okay, I've said my piece - have a good one, folks and perv on!

Blessed Be,
Christy Serpentine.


  • P-P-P-PLEASE!?!?! That's all. XOXO

    Thanks for writing this. I hope more people will show up in support.

    Stefani Special
  • good luck Christy. I commend u on such a well thought out request. as it has been explained to me via gatormanx, check out KOD. accordingly the biggest influence is the money if true, and a large portion of revenue comes from KOD. as well, can it be done in a manner that is both inviting to the curious, and have the depth to please the admitted perverse? having said that, I feel that is the ? for all kink.com subject matter. I hope u get satisfied;)
  • Great comment...image :)
  • A transman site would be great. why only MTF? great suggestion
  • good to hear that Christy and hope to see there is a space for TS :)>-
  • Agreed and totally would throw my hat int he ring for something erotic and runchy
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