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  • Click the link that says Download Images to get the full gallery
  • Hi guys! Sorry about the inconvenience, there were a few hiccups with adding some of the new channels. They should all be working properly now.
  • Hi @angelmar741 We're sorry to hear about your experience with FILF. Please check your inbox, the support team has emailed you for more details.
  • Hi @footstool1, We are not currently doing any live shoots, besides Public Disgrace.
  • Hi Kinky people, We greatly appreciate your feedback and hope you know that we are listening! We have a lot of features and upgrades on our roadmap and look forward to bringing you all snazzy new things over the years. We do currently offer HD in …
  • Hi everyone, We're so sorry about the download issues especially with the HD downloads! We have fixed the issue as of Monday and hope that no one is still experiencing difficulties. Please contact us at [email protected] with details if you are stil…
  • You are welcome to do so samosamix!
  • Hi craen, Thank you for reaching out! Whenever you have a question or concern, you can always reach out to us via the email of [email protected] You can even use our support form from located here: I…
  • @Bilyia - the Cole Conners and Nina shoot you used as an example is only available for viewing and download as scenes, and not a full movie. This is a technical quality issue - we have received many complaints from members about not being able to s…
  • Alternatively, you're welcome to just write out your answers and email them to [email protected], and the support team will make sure that your responses are passed on to the marketing team. Again, we apologize for the hassle, and thank you very muc…
  • @necromancing5150 I just heard back from the Marketing team - they suggested that you perhaps contact Survey Monkey about the issue, since we do not actually host the survey. They did confirm that, unfortunately, your reply has not been received ye…
  • @dommealex that's exactly what I was going to say - the Dyke Bar series has been a fan favorite
  • Sorry, I'm pretty sure that Tomcat has retired from the industry.
  • Hi @necromancing5150 , Thank you for letting us know. We have reached out to the marketing team to see if your answers were received. The support team did test the survey, and when they reached the end they saw a Surveymonkey confirmation page. …
  • Hello again @Bilyia - I apologize for the misunderstanding, we are apparently both saying the same thing but not comprehending one another. You are correct! Those shoots are no longer able to be located by search or browsing. This is deliberate.…
  • This is some awesome information, @narp! Thank you for sharing!
  • Yes, we had a bug yesterday that messed with the sequence of shoots. Both issues are fixed now! Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • Thanks for letting us know!
  • @dommealex @hotblondenurse Please refresh the page, you should see the upload icon again now!
  • Unfortunately, @weyoun is probably correct.
  • Hi Bilyia, Thank you for your very thorough research. We have recently gone through and pulled older content that has experienced corrupted files. We also had to pull content that has been revoked by credit card companies. If you plug in a shoot…
  • We did experience some difficulties with our CDN that handles older content. The issue should be resolved. If anyone experiences difficulties downloading, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email to [email protected]
  • That is correct!
  • Thank you for the suggestion! I just added "Smoking" to our list of tags. The support team can think of a couple of shoots off the tops of our heads that should get that tag, and we will add more as we go along. Take a look!…
  • Chanta's Bitches, Fucked and Bound, and Men In Pain are all now included in Kink Unlimited. As has been stated above, not all of the old shoots are available due to issues with quality, but we have made as many of them available to you all as possi…
  • Sorry, the shoot you are referring to was pulled due to technical issues. This is a problem from time to time with some of our older material.
  • Yes, sorry about that. We fixed the issue that was causing it, but forgot to move the actual threads. We just went back and moved all the threads that were in KU by accident, I'm about to go through and delete the duplicates now. Sorry!
  • It's called Public Sex, Private Lives, and you can also watch it here:
  • You can follow Maitresse Madeline on Twitter for updates about her projects :