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  • Agreed @KenFx. Would love to see a female muscle girl competition at U.S., or even a bought between a musclegirl and an experienced wrestler just to see if skill and experience can win out over brute strength once again as Ariel X has proven on num…
  • Well, I must read some of your stories then. Which thread do you post too? Perhaps I will find them inspirational.
  • That sounds great @hotblondenurse. I'm glad that you can fully enjoy your submission with your partner. Enjoy it as long as you can because it is a special time in your life. However, in the long run it may prove to be too much of a one sided rel…
  • well there's probably not a lot of "new ground" to be plowed in the business... The "New Ground" in this case is not so much the scene as the participants whom we all look forward to see being "plowed" as you say.
  • Thanks dear. Love Beretta. Will look into that shoot.
  • Not so sure about her "branching out" into other sites for Kink now that production sites have been spread across the west coast. She did say that she would continue to perform for Ultimate Surrender even though it has moved production to Las Vegas…
  • Well it seems as if U.S. production might be back under way in Dragonlily's home town of Las Vegas again. Hope we can see more of her on the mat this year.
  • She can do it all...she was on Howard Stern a lot. The story is in the first scene she fucks Beretta (LS thread)...then the two guys take her pics and blackmail her into fucking them...the last two scenes... I'll do two more Asa shoots later this …
  • Yes, you don't want to overthink things to the point that you can't enjoy them, but it is ultimately important to understand why you enjoy your particular fetish if you wish to learn and grow with your own partner in your sexual relationship.
  • Particularly good photo of a great shoot with Madison Scott. Thanks for posting.
  • Yes, thankfully! That's a particularly narrow market fetish which turn off far more viewers than it turns on.
  • Actually I think lifetrainer has posted a thread in every category to make a point, but its a bit of overkill if you ask me. It should be posted in the one category to which he subscribes or else the general category. More is not necessarily bette…
  • Excellent idea for shoots that were very popular. You could shoot the same basic scene every week with different people and it would never come out the same. The porn industry in general has been doing that for decades and it's still going.
  • Serena Blair was always one of my favorites, but I understand that she got injured some time ago and was disqualified from wrestling. Perhaps she has healed up sufficiently to compete again.
  • I think a great striptease is wonderful to view anywhere. Some of the best are in impromptu locations where you wouldn't expect them. One of the best stripteases I ever witnessed began in the hotel bar and ended in front of my guest room door. :)
  • I think the fact that Lifetrainer is referencing previously shot scenes that received 4 plus star ratings indicates that his suggestions are NOT "boring" or "unnecessary". It would seem that they were somewhat popular and well received.
  • Hey! That's a good comment @Philostratus. And quite true.
  • See my comments in previous discussion:
  • Now there's a surprise! Philostratus finds another suggestion to be "boring". Imagine that. Geez, Philo, I don't think I've read a suggestion by anyone in the past year that you DIDN'T find to be boring. Just to make it simpler for everyone, …
  • Zoey Monroe is certainly a real squirter, isn't she?
  • Francesca has done a lot of fantasy wrestling, but I don't think she has any interest in actually competing. Still it would be fun to see her try to tackle another lightweight rookie to see how she does.
    in New girls Comment by gorgon695 April 22
  • Well, I have to disagree. Kink can always use another "hot" actress as you say, but I'm not particularly found of the one mentioned above. However, the members should offer suggestions on models that they would like to see on Kink sites and this …
  • No objection here. That's a great list, although I don't think there's much of a chance with a few of those listed. Skylar Renee would be my first choice. However, Ariel says that she has inquired before and Skylar has not expressed any interest.…
    in New girls Comment by gorgon695 April 22
  • So here's another set of Cherie...with Rachel Madori and Mona Wales...what a trio...emjoy these everyone! Thanks for the great pics of Cherie DeVille. She's one of my favorites. Love to see her as either a sub or a dominant. Hope to see her at …
  • No, I may sound like a U.S. employee sometime I guess, but I don't work for U.S. I'm just an average member like all the rest. Sounds like some of my ideas have already been used. I hope we'll see more of those that have been successful, but I th…
  • Glad you like to see gags @hotblondenurse. KenFx is correct that there are mixed opinions here at Kink about the use of gags, but those people who do not like to see them may not understand there intended purpose which is not simply to silence your…
  • This was a concept that was discussed in the old forums some time ago, but which never gained any traction mostly because Ultimate Surrender has been exclusively about women and should remain so. While there is a place for mixed wrestling in the sp…
  • I have no doubt. Will wait patiently for the unveiling of Ultimate Surrender's new home. I hope they give it the ceremony it deserves.
  • Tech Help to the rescue once again. Thanks.
  • Well, that's "some" news I guess. At least we know that the new U.S. production studio in Vegas is expected to come online. "Big 10" eh? Shall we all guess as to what that would stand for? "Big 10" weeks of summer excitement. "Big 10" aka top …