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goddesscarly ·

being a good genuine mistress here. :)


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  • harrdr
    Need a sexy goddess, such as yourself to show me the ropes.
    June 2016
  • shoeworshiper89
    Hello goddess.
    I replied to the comment you left on my wall but you have not contacted me back. Looking at your picture I would love it if we could meet up and have some fun.
    Your humble slave
    April 2016
  • Smoothupinya
    Oh my god you are sexy
    April 2016
  • shoeworshiper89
    Hello Goddess Carly. :)
    January 2016
  • Ludo14
    And yes ive been a very naughty boy and probably deserve everything done to me!

    Fyi I'm 36 yrs old, good looking lad ( or so people have told me) about 5"7' and a half (very important that!) hehe. Brown hair n eyes and Mediterranean ancestry. People who know me say I'm such a nice guy but little do they no about my secret desires n wishes to delve into the darker side of the sexual spectrum! I can travel a reasonable distance too if that helps....
    Your slave to commands....Ludo!

    Oh yeah, I totally dig stilettos n stockings, pvc latex all that jazz...electro fun look interesting too!
    Enough banging on about me...I shall look forward to hearing back from you...peace n happiness...ludo...but not so much about the lovin vibe when being dominated! Hehe! Ciao for now goddesscarly
    January 2016
  • Ludo14
    Heya goddesscarly. I hope you're good. I'm a male who has long been interested in BDSM and in particular femdom, humiliation, bondage, dress up, What ever goes I guess! however im pretty much a complete beginner (a few attempts with some ex gals but they couldn't take it seriously and ended up giggling all the time!) Basically, what I'm asking is whether you'd be my mistress and show how it's done properly? I live in UK, 30 miles south of London but don't know where you operate? Maybe a Skype session to start with? I dunno....whatever you reckon. Or maybe you could put me in touch with someone who could help who is close by....and equally as georgous as you are. Whoever, if I'm lucky enough to meet you or someone (female or at v least hot TS) Just go easy as im a total newbie to being a slave to a mistress etc and it's been a coupla years since someone put something up my bum too! Haha!
    Anyway...any advice or pointers will be very much appreciated
    Naughty (and yes I've been ..cont.
    January 2016
  • shoeworshiper89
    hello mistress I sent you an e-mail and as yet you have not replied. I really want to serve you mistress.
    December 2015
  • being a good genuine mistress here. :)
    December 2015
  • Geoaz
    Hello Mistress
    December 2015
    • goddesscarly
      hi .. are you willing to be my good servant ... just contact me on my email or skype?? [email protected] : mistress.phia
  • goddesscarly changed their profile picture.
    December 2015
  • if your interested with me as your mistress add me on my skype: mistress.phia or gmail: [email protected]
    December 2015