Posting Guidelines

Your comments in our forums are a great way to share your opinions and thoughts on and on kinkiness in general. The forums help our directors improve the quality of the content they produce, and are a great way to connect with other users of sites. Your comments are greatly appreciated, regardless of whether or not we agree with them.

However, while we allow some leeway in what is considered acceptable, there are a few guidelines we need you to follow. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your posts being deleted.  Repeated failure to comply with these guidelines despite being warned may result in our restricting your access to the forums or even banning you entirely from’s sites.

The following posts are not allowed in forums, in user profiles, or in shoot comments:

  • Posts that include excessive profanity, racism or homophobic remarks
  • Posts that are unintelligible
  • Posts that are offensive to employees (models, riggers, directors, it staff, etc.) or other forum users without offering some form of constructive criticism
  • Posts in languages other than English
  • Posts that are entirely or substantially in all-capitals or that use formatting that make them difficult to read
  • Posts that resemble ‘spam’ or that serve no apparent purpose other than advertising a product or organization that is unrelated to the discussion.
  • Repeated negative posts that offer no constructive criticism
  • Posts with repeated comments, made multiple times by the same member in a single thread or in multiple threads.
  • Posts with images that clearly violate’s shooting rules.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions with us. But please, keep it fair and thoughtful! And remember, if you are posting about a site, the director will most likely read your comments, and any model referenced may well read them as well. If you would not say it to the model's or director's face, do not write it.

Please remember that any information you may disclose in our Member Directory, or other public areas of our Web sites or the Internet, becomes public information. You should exercise caution when deciding to disclose personal information in these public areas.




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