The Good Old Days

So now I hear that there are going to be no more shoots at the Armory anymore, and that the Upper Floor is going to be turned into office space? What a bummer! I really miss the good old days of the free cams and the live shoots at the parties that were almost every Saturday night. Even all the "raw footage" is gone now, so we can't even relive the glory days.
One of the things I used to do was capture the live events on the free cams with a capture software, but unfortunately my computer took a crap a while ago and lost all my files. It was also fun to sometimes catch a different show taping on the Upper Floor. Did anyone else capture any of the good old days? If so, please let me know, and maybe we can figure out a way to transfer some files? Thanks!


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    "The Upper Floor" will certainly be re-created elsewhere. Probably with much of the original shooting set relocated. So new memories can be made.
    Sorry about your computer.
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    Ken if they are going to relocate they are keeping it a secret. I have contact several of the regulars from the guest, and nobody knows anything
    If they try to turn to building into offices, it will cost a fortune, with the required ADA regulations
    He might just be better off try to rent out the space for parties
    Even good old Stefonos is at a loss about what might happen
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    Kink didn't say when all of this would be done. And sounds like several different sites in Ca and Nevada.
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    I would love to believe that things will be back to the way they were with live cams and live shows and all the like, but I really believe those days are gone forever... If you know why it would be different, please let us know, thanks!
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