one-on-one scene with Annie Cruz and Mark Davis???
I found some small thumbs of this scene with a "Annie Cruz Mark Davis" search on Bing, and they all point to But I can't find any one-on-one scenes with Annie Cruz and Mark Davis who are the ones that appear to be in the scene. It's defiantly Mark Davis, and the positive image results on Bing lead me to belie it must be Annie too.
The set looks like an Ultimate Surrender set...Could this have been from a live stream? Are there recordings of those?


  • Chatty the nurse will be able to help you...
  • That's definitely Annie Cruz. I'm guessing it's from an unreleased shoot. Looking at how old it is I'd bet that Kink weren't willing to release a mixed wrestling shoot, especially one where the woman loses.

    I doubt there's anyone still around who'd even remember this. It's probably been thrown down the memory hole. There are a few shoots that have vanished over the years.
  • You've probably already tried this but if you look at Annie's model page, she has a bunch of shoots with Mark listed...
  • Sorry, the shoot you are referring to was pulled due to technical issues.
    :( This is a problem from time to time with some of our older material.
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