Gagging of girls- what do you think.

What do you think about gagging girls during the shoots.
I think:
Please do not gag the girls. That ruins the shoot. I like it when you can see the natural beauty of a girl a gag ruins it and I like it when the girl can talk to you during the erotic interaction. Gagging disturbs.


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    This question comes up quite often, and the response is mixed. Some love gags,hoods, stocking/tape masks. Some do not. So often one scene in a shoot will involve a gag/etc.
    Everone is happy. Theoretically.
  • Well...everyone that's been here for a little while knows where I come down on this issue!!!! >:)
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    I agree with the one scene per shoot deal.
  • NOT ME! Some in every scene!!! This is Kink afterall!!
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    Glad you like to see gags @hotblondenurse. KenFx is correct that there are mixed opinions here at Kink about the use of gags, but those people who do not like to see them may not understand there intended purpose which is not simply to silence your submissive. The real purpose of a gag of any type is to remove the last vestige of her independence and ability to resist her dominant. It is one of the mechanisms used to break down the submissive's final barriers and compel submission to the dominant by denying her even the ability to speak or express herself. Communication can then only take place on a more primitive level that is based more on feelings and emotion rather than intellect and is therefore more honest and truthful than mere words that can be used poorly or perhaps even to lie to your partner at a time when the final objective is to find the truth.
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    Well put, Gorgon695
  • Well I guess it makes sense to me but it also seems like we're overthinking things a bit again...
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    Yes, that's why it's best to just "mix it up" like Kink does in their shoots.
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    Yes, you don't want to overthink things to the point that you can't enjoy them, but it is ultimately important to understand why you enjoy your particular fetish if you wish to learn and grow with your own partner in your sexual relationship.
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    We're, or I should say I am of a mixed mind...I don't enjoy them myself...but I do like a perky blonde wearing one...the more the nagging that way! :D
  • Well I don't have to over think things...I just do what he says and we all end up happy!
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    That sounds great @hotblondenurse. I'm glad that you can fully enjoy your submission with your partner. Enjoy it as long as you can because it is a special time in your life. However, in the long run it may prove to be too much of a one sided relationship. The healthiest relationships are more ones where both partners can indulge themselves as both dominants and submissives.

    One of the most satisfying moments for a dominant is when his submissive finally develops the confidence necessary to express a desire to dominate her master, not so much because she wishes to become a dominant herself, but because she wants her master to experience the same sense of freedom and fulfillment that she does as a submissive. These are the special moments that make the BDSM experience most rewarding.
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