Tickling role play

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Stella Cox and her boyfriend watch some porn. They watch a video where tied up girls have a tickle challenge. If they win they get money as a reward.
The rules of the challenge ar simple:
The girls are tied up and fully dressed at the beginning. They must withstand the tickling for 10 minutes.
Each time the girls cry to stop the tickling one article of clothing is removed until they are nude. Once a girl is nude and cries to stop before the time is over she loses the challenge.
They watch a girl who miserably fails the challenge because she cried every 10 seconds for mercy.
Stella laughs: "I would have done this much better even if I was nude from the beginning. The 10 minutes of tickling would have been relaxation for me"
Her Boyfriend: "NO when I tickle you, you will beg for mercy within seconds."
Stella: "NO Chance. Cause I'm not ticklish at all."
He: "If I find your ticklish spot I bet you would never withstand half of the ten minutes."
She: "Challenge accepted. What is your stake?"
He: "If you can withstand my tickling nude for 5 minutes. You can do whatever you want to me for the weekend. But if you loose you will be my fuckprincess for this weekend."
She: "Ok Accepted."

Then she gets tied up in a stockade. He tries different spots on her body. But there is no ticklish spot.
Then he takes a very thin paintbrush and begins to spread her butt cheeks and tickles her asshole with the brush.
The immediate reaction of Stella tells him that he has found her ticklish spot.
"Got it." He looks at the timer. "Give up Stell you have no chance. You have another 3 minutes left."

Stella tries to resist. We see her ass shaking trying to escape the soft brush on her sensitve bumhole. You can see the contractions of her
sphincter muscle while she tries to endure the tickling.
But finally she gives up.

Now she is his in his hands for the weekend.

He begins the weekend by taking very embarresing photos of her. She is photographed in almost every position she could imagine.
He orders her to spread her pussy lips or her butt cheeks for the nice photo. Soon she gets angry cause of all the humilation.
He uses the flogger and orders her to smile. When he is finished she can' t hear any more his : "Big nice smile." oder and all the flogging which followed, when her smiling did not satisfy him.

He gives her some very skimpy clothing. Her next task is to do a striptease.

He:"Ok then do a striptease right now and I'll tell you what to do better."
She begins to strip.
He orders her to strip more slowly to shake more with her boobs to shake her ass or to spread her ass cheeks, pussy lips and so on. Each time he fixes her moves he whips her soft with a flogger.
After a while he is satisfied with her lapdance skills.

He says:"OK. Let's get over to the model examination for the photos you know I have a database where the characteristics of each of my girlfriends are listed so I can easily compare. So let's get your data ok?"
She unsure what data he means:"Yes?"
Then he begins to scale her weight and her height. After that he measures the width of her breasts her hips and her stomach.
„Wow 90-60-90 your measures are fantastic.“ he says.
„Thank you.“ she answers a bit shy.
„Ok time to take the other measurements.“ he says
Then he begins to measure the diameter of her nipples, the length of her pussy lips and her butt crack.
At last he brings a measurement dildo.
She asks terrified:“What is that for?“
„Just want to know how deep your holes are.“ he says
„Is this really necessary Sir?This is so embarresing.“ she argues
He:“Yes but I need all the data about you.“
She resigns cause she needs the money badly:“OK.“
Then he launches the dildo in her pussy and after that in her butthole. He writes down the result,
Then he tellls her to stretch her pussy lips cause he wants to measure the extended length of her lips.
Then he test her ability to take clamps with weights on her nipples, pussy- lips and clit.

Then he ties her up and tells her to try to untie and strip while tied up. He takes the time she needs and notes it.

After that she is told to sit down on a gyno chair where he inspects her more properly.
He tests her reaction on suction cups on her nipples, breast, clit and pussy.
He tests her reaction on inflatable dildos and anal plugs.
He tests again her reactions on tickling and finds some other ticklish spots. He notes her ticklish spots and says:
"Later we will have a lot of fun using this spots."

He tests how long she can endure the hitachi on her pussy before she cries out for mercy. He notes the time,

For the last test she is tied on a sybian and he wants to know how long she can endure a sybian vibing her clit. He notes the time.
At the end he tests her blowjob-skills.

After all is done he says:“OK. We are done with the database I got all data I need. You passed the test. You are a real fuck slut. Tommorow we will go on playing.“

She ist totally exhausted after all the playing and begs: "Please leave me a break tomorrow. All my holes are burning. My pussy is so sensitive. There is still flowing out some juices. My body needs a break."

He: "Ok If you want a break for your body. We can continue playing the next weekend. But you must wear these remote controlled dildo under a chestity belt. So I can decide when you will have fun during your break."

She accepts. Cause she thinks it is worser for her to endure his games tomorrow. So she gets her vibrator and chastity belt. He tests it. She screams. He: "Ok I know it is working. Until next weekend. If you skip our date, you will never get rid of the chastity belt and the battery in the vibrator is very powerful and durable. Remember!."

She nods with a sigh.


Please find a model who has fun doing parts of this roleplay idea. For me it is important that you choose a model who has fun. Please do only the parts of the role play the girl has fun. Otherwise it is not a lovely shoot. Both sides must be sane and consensual.
And please do not gag the girls. That ruins the shoot. I like it when you can see the natural beauty of a girl a gag ruins it and I like it when the girl can talk to you during the erotic interaction. Gagging disturbs.


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