Darth Vader Role-Play

Role- Play story:
Darth Vader has captuered Princess Lea.
He visits her in her cell.
He asks: "Hello Princess Lea. Nice to meet you. I ask you gently and remember I only ask one time gently. Please tell me where are the rebells hidden?"
Princess: "Never ever will I tell you anything."
"Ok. So we do it the rough way."
Princess: "You can torture me I won't tell you anything."
Darth Vader: "Oh don't be stupid. I never would torture such a cute girl like you. I have better ways to find out. Undress you!"
Princess: "No."
He: "This was not a request this was a command. Undress or I will do it."
She refuses. So she gets undressed.
Then she is tied up.
Darth Vader puts her on a sybian and starts the sybian saying:
"You will tell me. There will be one point where your clit is so sensitive you will beg me to stop the sybian and then you will be cheerfull if I switch the vibrations of."
Soon Princess Lea begins to moan. In the end she begs him to stop the vibrations on her sore clit and tells him where the rebells are.

After he has destroyed the rebells he tells princess Lea about his success.
Then he tells her:
"Now princess Lea you are my fuckprincess. Put on your clothes."
She puts on her clothes.
He: "Now do a slowly nasty striptease for your new master."
She : "Never will I undress me for an ugly guy like you."
He: "Oh sure you will seems I must teach you manners."
He ties her up in her clothes and says: "Listen fuckprincess I give you five minutes. After the five minutes I will punish you for each article of clothing and ropes I must remove with one whip."
Princess Lea realizes that he is serious and desperately tries to get free and undress. But she miserabely fails.
So she gets punished with many whips after the time.
Then he orders:
"Fuckprincess Lea. Open your mouth and take cock."
Princess: "Never will I take your dirty cock."
He: "Oh sure you will. Seems like I must teach you."
He ties her up and puts a vibrator on her clit: "If you want me to stop. Just open your mouth for cock."
Finally she gives in and opens her mouth.
In the end he blasts his load on her face.
Then he sits her on the sybian switches it on and orders: "If you want me to switch it off. Say my name is fuckprincess Lea. I'm a really dirty whore. Today I got treated the way dirty bitches like me deserve by my master the dark lord."
Soon her sensitive clit gets overstimulated and she submits and says the text.
He switches the sybian off.
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