story you can add your own thoughs on it

A great story would be a boy and a girl talking about sex. The girl complains:
"All of you boys have no control about their orgasms and cum once they get stimulated. The brain of boys is in their cock. A girl always has control over her body and mind."
The boy answers:
"I bet when you get stimulated the right way you will no longer be "
"Never ever will lust overwhelm my mind."
Then they bet, if the boy manages to stimulate her so hard within ten minutes that she begs him to stop he wins and she is his sexslave for the weekend otherwise he is her sexslave.

The boy ties up the girl on a sybian and of course the girl gets vibrated mindlessly so she begs him to stop.
"Please stop it. I can't take it any more. My pussy is so sensitive."
"I can't hear you. There is so much noise. You must beg me to be my slave."
"Please I'll do whatever you want but stop this horrible machine."
"Say I'm your fuckprincess. I'm your slave bitch."
"I'm your fuckprincess. I'm your slave bitch. Please."

He stops.
Then both have a lot of fun.
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