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you could make a tickling bet if the girl manages to endure a 10 minute tickling she gets by her boyfriend if not she gets punished.
You could also make this a ticking interrogation role play. For every minute she endures the tickling interrogation she gets rewarded with money. Or two girls compete in a tickling interrogation test against each other winner takes money loser gets punished.
You can also have two girls competing in a tickling quiz. Both are tied up the master asks them questions for each wrong answer you write down one minute.
Once the opponent has done a correct answer she can decide if her opponent is tickled for the amount of time she has given wrong answers or if they go on quizzing.
For example girl A has done 5 wrong answer = 5 Minutes girl B has done 3 wrong answers so long = 3 minutes. Girl B answers a question correct. Now B can decide if A is tickled for 5 minutes or if they go on playing.
If B decides girl A to get tickled and A endures the 5 minute her tickle - account is reset to zero while B's stays at 3 minutes. So she must estimate the risk of A being able to endure the tickling is set to zero so she has a disadvantage cause her tickle - account is higher potentially growing so her risk of losing the entire game gets higher. Therefore it is not usefull to request a ticking of the opponent every time you are allowed to. But save too much tickle- miles on the opponent without using them and you might loose.
If B decides to go on playing she risks that girl A answers correct and A can decide that B is tickled for 3 minutes. The thrill is that the girl estimates how long she and her opponent can endure a tickling,
If a girl cries out a safeword during tickling she looses and gets punished. You could make the winner the dom during the shoot..


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    Give her some "Electric Shock".
    Jab both your index fingers on either sides of her chest at the same time.
    She'll hit the ceiling!
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    you could also make this a sybian endurance quiz each time a girl gives a wrong answer a timer on the sybian is set to 30 seconds. First girl to cry the sybian to stop looses.
    But tickling is also great.
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