idea orgasm challenge

A great story would be a boy and a girl talking about sex. The girl complains:
"All of you boys have no control about their orgasms and cum once they get stimulated. The brain of boys is in their cock. A girl always has control over her body and mind."
The boy answers:
"I bet I can hold my orgasm longer back than you."
"Never will you be able to controll your desires."
Then they bet, they both stimulate themselves simultaneously if the boy manages to stimulate her so hard, that she cries for mercy with a safeword before he came he wins and she is his sexslave for the weekend otherwise he is her sexslave.

The boy lays on his back. The girl goes down on his cock kneeling 69 style so both can stimulate each other oraly and with their hands.
Unfortunatelly the boy knows exactly where the g-spot of his girlfriend is. So he has her mindless and after a short while she stops stimulating him cause she is so concentrateted on her own orgasm. When she had her orgasm her pussy gets very sensitive so it is difficult for her to bear his touching. Realizing that she might lose she tries desperately to make him cum. But finally it is to much stimulation for her sore swollen clit and she cries for mercy with the safeword. He stops touching her but she forgets to stop working on his cock. The next second he explodes on her face.
He says:
"You lost so time to pay the price."
She says unhappy: " Ok."
Then he starts taking embarressing nude pictures of her with his cum on her face.
Then he washs her in the bathroom.
After that both have a lot of kinky fun with each other.
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