Scenario with girl in sex shop

What about a scenario with a girl in a sex shop.
She wants to try some bondage stuff cause it is a fantays of her boyfriend and she wants to surprise him.
So she lets tie her up by the shopowner cause she wants to know if she is comfortable with being tied up.
After a while she says:
"OH I think I'm not so comfortable with that stuff. Please untie me."
The shop owner says:
"Calm down first you must try our other products."
He begins to undress her and orgasms her with several toys, while other costumers watch.
Soon other costumers engage in the scene. And all have a lot of fun.


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    My goodness.... you DO have quite an imagination for fantasy role play, don't you?
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    I believe there have been many PublicDisgrace shoots in sex shops.
  • I can remember at least one...
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    Sex shops and bars are a natural for shoots because you have to be 18 to be there.
    And you would probably appreciate the action.
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