shoots with girls with bells on nipples

I think it is extremly sexy viewing a girl having some bells attached to their nipples and shaking them making some nice ringing noise.
You could use this in kinky games like ordering the girl not to make noise while tickling her every noise she makes she gets punished.
Or you can order the girl to make shake her boobs and make noise every second without noise you punish her.

A sexy shoot with a girl with ringing bells is this one

Please more of this sort of video


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    I think Anastasia Pierce used to like using bells on her nipple clips long ago. Haven't seen anything recently.
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    It's been a few years, but I've seen a bunch of videos where she's walking around wearing bells, or prancing around the floor on all fours wearing them.
    They make a bunch of noise when her ass is smacked!!!
    Check older TTOO and TUF.
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