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For me it is not necessary to whip or torture girls. If the girls like whipping it is ok. But for me it is not so sexy to see girls getting whipped or enduring pain. For viewing girls getting orgasms and pleasure is the erotic thing.
Seeing girls tied up is erotic.
The fact that the girl is tied up during her orgasm is hot.
I think humilating girls in a soft way can also be erotic.
Playing with ice cubes or stuffing the girls holes is erotic.
For example you can tickle the girls or make them squirt during orgasm.
Or you order them to pose in a way and take photos of them.
It is also erotic when you use suction cups to make the sensitive spots of a girl swell.
I also don't like it when the girl is gagged. I think it is more erotic, when you can talk to a girl while you orgasm her.
Kinky games like tickling or orgasm denial are great or games where girls have to do things while tied up.
for example:

on "tomato game" girl must walk with a cherry tomato between her butt cheeks to a plate an put the tomato on it with her hands tied up.

or orgasm endurance on a sybian is great.

or sport competitions like this:

But everything I want to see is the girl having fun during the shoot that is the most important thing.for me. Sane and consensual action.

I regret that there are no other sites which show my sort of vanilla bdsm.
I only found these sites but they don't update any longer:

Perhaps kink could make a vanillabdsm-site or you can tie up girls more often on fuckingmachines

You should book this model for a shoot on the new sitet:
Tina Hot
She has an amazing personnality, full of positive energy with a permanent smile !!!
Perhaps you could tickle her cause her smile and laughing is so cute.
She has done some bondage-stuff on
See infos about her here:

Other modelsI would like to see is:
Naomi Woods. She looks like the Khaleesie in GOT. You could do GOT bondage fantasy with her.
She is available for bondage shoots.

Other interessting models would be


Payton Banks

Narlie Reese

The most important thing for me is that the girls have fun during the shoot.

What do you think?


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    The women are professionals at what they's not recreation for them it's a job...then they do what their comfortable with doing...
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    The girls aren't hit much on Sex & Submission, just tied up and fucked. Is that vanilla for you?
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    Hello @lifetrainer. Thanks for the suggestions and the links to models and sites that you enjoy. There are many other sites on the net that cater to your style of BDSM fetish. Try Jim Weathers site: It's more of a bondage site than a fetish site, but it sounds like what you are more interested in. Hope you like it.
  • Everyone is welcome here...there's something here for everyone!!!!!!
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    the girls on bondagecafe are not my thing. I like natural girls looking cute as the girl next door without tatoos or piercings.
    For me it is most important that the girl has fun during the shoot I want to see her smile and her eyes shining full of joy.
    I don't like the videos where the girls are treated like fuck meat. I want to see the girls get respect cause of their great personalities. Because of this for me it is more sexy viewing a girl laughing smiling and having a squirting orgasm than viewing her get tortured.
    I have only fun, when I can see clearly that the girl has fun.
    The shoots with Penny Pax are very good because he always seems to have a lot of fun.

    I also like it when you have a story in your video.
    Cause I don't want to have a girl walk in the room and get fucked.
    For me a story is important.
    These videos have great stories:
    Marie Mc Cray in "The Photographer"
    is great cause it is a softer one and she is a girl with a great personality.

    A great story for me would be a girl losing a bet or a game of cards then she must do whatever her boyfriend wants to.

    He first decides to take some very embarresing nude photos of her. Including pussy and asshole gaping.
    He also uses suction cups during the photo shoot to make her good parts swollen. He also lets her hang some weights on her pussy lips so they are stretched. Then he puts some clamps on her pussy so her lips are wide apart with a dreamcatcher like they use on
    Then he ties her up tickles her. Then he stuffs her holes with toys and brings her to some squirting orgasms.
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    Also a great story would be a boy and a girl talking about sex. The girl complains:
    "All of you boys have no control about their orgasms and cum once they get stimulated. The brain of boys is in their cock. A girl always has control over her body and mind."
    The boy answers:
    "I bet when you get stimulated the right way you will no longer be "
    "Never ever will lust overwhelm my mind."
    Then they bet, if the boy manages to stimulate her so hard within ten minutes that she begs him to stop he wins and she is his sexslave for the weekend otherwise he is her sexslave.

    The boy ties up the girl on a sybian and of course the girl gets vibrated mindlessly so she begs him to stop.
    "Please stop it. I can't take it any more. My pussy is so sensitive."
    "I can't hear you. There is so much noise. You must beg me to be my slave."
    "Please I'll do whatever you want but stop this horrible machine."
    "Say I'm your fuckprincess. I'm your slave bitch."
    "I'm your fuckprincess. I'm your slave bitch. Please."

    He stops.
    Then both have a lot of fun.
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    Great fantasies. So... which producer do you want to read your story and work on your fantasy production? Send him/her a note.
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    Or post them on the forum for the site you're interested in. Titled "Suggestions".
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