videos where girls walk a crotch line

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do you know any more videos where the girls must walk a crotch line?

I only know these ones:



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    Older Device Bondage doesn't do that?
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    Excellent photos and examples of this erotic discipline.
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    Christina Carter did a good scene of a crotch line many years ago that I clearly remember. Not sure which site it was for.
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    I think she only shot for HT and DB.
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    does anybody know more of that stuff?
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    walking the crotch line would only be sexier with some bells hanging on the tits of the girl.
    Then they are ordered to walk fast along the crotch, but you punish them for evey noise the bells make. You also punish them for being lame.
    Would be fun seeing the girls trying to hurry without getting their pussy to much rubbing along the crotch and kepping their boobs silent at the same time..
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