please more interrogation role play

Love interrogation scenarios!
Like this scenarios:

Wish there were more in other KINK sites. Thank you ladies and thanks to everyone at KINK for what you do.
You could do the interrogation by using tickling or orgasm control or enemas or spray water on the girl or use ice cubes. That would be fun. I'm not a fan of pain or breath control or pushing the girls under water..

I think your site is great but you should keep emphasizing on the fact that all things the models do are freely, safe and consensual. Therefore the usage of safewords is very good. Pre and After interviews are also very helpfull.
I don't like girls being forced to do things against their will only for the money.
I would like to see more shoots where the girls fantasy is in the center of the action.
For me it is not necessary to whip or torture girls.
A good movie is when the kinky fantasy of a girl is fullfilled and you respect the model as a human with a great personality. This can be tickling, tied orgasms but there should be involved no pain. I would call this vanilla bdsm (kink).
Please do more shoots in this direction of vanilla kink.


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    I hate to say it @lifetrainer, but I don't think that Waterbondage is an active site any longer. They did some great work though in a very unique fetish. Hope we can see some new shoots occasionally.
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