How many masked wrestlers have there been?

I know Crimson Ninja, Yellow Kitty, and Sophie were masked. Ninja went with a "Lone Ranger" style mask her last few matches. Yellow Kitty got her ass kicked and then unmasked after a match and left US. Sophia, who also couldn't wrestle for shit and always lost, left US and turned up at another Kink site without the mask and under her real name. There was another girl who wrestled in an exhibition as the Masked Avenger. It that all the hooded wrestlers there have been on the US mat?


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    What alternate name did masked Sophia use?!?! I'd love to check out her non masked scenes. I wasn't aware she did anything else at Kink!
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    Would people like to see masked competitors if it would bolster the roster of new wrestlers? Perhaps the anonymity would give some of the more experienced wrestlers the courage to compete at U.S. Can you imagine the competition that would result if two non-porn amateurs actually wrestled and risked having to submit to the winner if they lost? Or worse still, being unmasked if they lost the match. That would add an unprecedented thrill to U.S. competition.
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    I've always been in favour of masks, though they must be of decent quality. Crimson Ninja was something truly special, and I'm sure there are others who'd be willing to step into the ring anonymously. The great thing about wrestling, and the U.S. interviews, is that personality shines through.
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