February/March Schedule?

Have schedules stopped becoming a thing now?


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    Cheyenne vs Rizzo F.

    Mona vs Juliette M.

    Kara vs Izamar/Penny (handicap match)

    Penny vs Cheyenne
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    This insider from Twitter. And even planned appearance Kelli P. But unfortunately, information about her opponent I don't have. Exact dates of matches and the sequence I is also not known. Let's wait for the updates.
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    In March, the arena is expected to appear Wenona. Her opponent is supposed to become Cassidy Klein.
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    Charna said:

    And even planned appearance Kelli P.

    Opponent Kelli will be Brandi Mae. The match promises to be very hot! Watch for updates.
  • Has this been confirmed that wenona will face cassidy? I'd love to see her force kiss cassidy and cassidy melting!
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    @dioncyrk1 Information from the source.
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    Cassidy [yummy] Klein is my fave sexy, raw, wrestling maven. Small by stature but big in heart and energy. i Fantisize to have 'happy ending' match of my own with her! Can't wait for 'bout' with Wenona - it will have to do, damn...!?!
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    Tell you a secret.. Wenona is very worthy spoke about his match with Cassidy. Cass is pretty obviously forced her to hydrate))
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