new site where you cast slave girls

It would be a little bit like the old casting couch series but different:


The casting would proceed the following way:

The story girl applys to a model job at the agency bd-models.
The chief wants to know his new girl cause he must describe his escort girls to his costumers.
Cause of that:

1. girl has to do a striptease, while filmed
2. chief measures her hips, belly, chest. Then he notes the result for example 62,92,65
3. chief measures the length of her pussy lips, diameter of her nipples, lenght of her butt crack.
4. chief ties her up and tickles her he notes her ticklish spots
5. he tries all sort of bondage items like (nipple clamps, weights on nipple clamps, suction cups, pussy pumps, whipping, and so on)
6. he tries to find out if she is squirter by massaging her with the magic wand vibrator.

In the end he tells her if she has passed his test.
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