Great changes coming to Whipped Ass and!

Hi Members!

Some of you may have noticed changes to Whipped Ass — we are in the process of moving Whipped Ass, and our other sites, to a new platform with improved functionality. This process should be completed for all members by Monday the 8th of August. But more importantly, we’re giving you access to even more Kink!

Once Whipped Ass fully makes the move to the new platform, existing members will get access to the vast libraries of Everything Butt, Divine Bitches, Ultimate Surrender, Whipped Ass, ElectroSluts, Men in Pain and Wired Pussy — that means in addition to Whipped Ass, you’ll be able to watch everything from Ultimate Surrender to Everything Butt as well. It’s our way of saying thanks for not only bearing with us during the migration, but for being a dedicated member of the community. Also, make sure to catch the Hot New Updates Divine Bitches and Ultimate Surrender this week.

Throughout the history of Kink, we’ve been approached by members who want an all access pass to the entire Kink network — traditionally something reserved only for those who worked for the company. But because of the limitations of our old platform, we couldn’t offer it to members. That’s changing, too.

This summer, we’re excited to finally announce Kink Unlimited — existing members can now access every scene in Kink’s entire network is now available for a flat price of $49.99. If you’re currently an active member, contact our support team for the upgrade.

If you have any questions about how you might be affected by our new platform works, or to upgrade your current membership, contact [email protected]

We can’t wait for you to start enjoying the new and improved Kink!


  • Thanks Fivestar...for your great work and for letting us know what's going you always do...
  • I got the update to the new site and it doesn't look like I have access to Everything Butt. I do have Foot Worship though which isn't one of the sites mentioned.
  • @cassiegungirl good to see you on the forums! you can contact [email protected] I'll nudge them for you:)
  • Good to see you too @fivestar. I had a little trouble finding the forums again with the site update, but it shouldn't be hard for me to find my way back here. :)

    I logged into my email a few minutes ago to send a message to [email protected] about Everything Butt when I noticed a new email from support referencing this post in the forums. I'm guessing this is the nudge you were talking about? Should I still send an email? All things aside I appeciate taking the time to respond to my post and help me out.
  • @cassiegungirl did you get the access we talked about?
  • @fivestar any chance of getting Shay Fox to come back and do another hot scene? keep up the awesome work!
  • It doesn't look like it @fivestar. I logged in to check Everything Butt, but its not recognizing me as a member. Reading the comments on the latest video for EB it seems the members who started on EB are having trouble accessing the other sites. Looks like the new is still going through teething problems. No worries though, I figure it will sort itself all out eventually. Part of me is tempted to just say screw it and upgrade to unlimited though. ;)
  • Okay I just got an email a few hours ago and everything has been taken care of! Thank you very much fivestar and the kink tech staff. :)
  • Hmm...I've got the update to the new site and even got the access to devine bitches and electro sluts a few weeks ago, but that seems to have gone away. Right now I only have the access to whipped ass and nothing more. Maybe you can help.
  • Hi @shadow1304. You can always email [email protected] but I will alert them to your problem! Thanks for watching!
  • Hi @shadow1304 - please check your inbox, the support team has fixed your account and emailed you :D
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