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Hey! Does any of you guys know the name of the blonde girl with green highlights which appears in the video
"Carolina Abril Dragged Through Park & Fisted in Dirty Club" of October 2nd, 2015?
Her's a pic of her:
And what are all the scenes of PublicDisgrace where stranger girls interact with other male strangers or male porn actors by giving them handjobs, blowjobs and maybe having sex with them?
Thank you very, VERY much!!


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    if its not a KINK Model or staff - its doubtful KINK would release that info...
    on the 'blonde girl with green highlights' portion of your comment..
    it is however, entirely possible (but not so highly probable) someone may read this and

    TUF would be a better Site to see the other part of your comment (imko)
    you can even watch it during a 'LIVE' session....

    ......Have-Fun .... Play-Safe .... Enjoy ... KINK-ON.....
  • Sad news :(( Still thank you very much for the detailed answer and the advice! Do you know by any chance if she was in any other scene? :)
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    u r kinky welcome....

    as far as i can tell (which isnt a solid 'no') on your question "if any other KINK scene ..."
    there doesnt appear to be any....yet again someone may have further info....

  • Hey gator!!!!!!! You lied me :))) And i am happy you did because she's in another clip: "Big Tit Spanish Supermodel Bound & Dragged Through Madrid City Center"!!!!!!!!!! Given how things are, I think somebody should necessarily know her name!!!
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    x-iTalentzs, thnx for the info....

    lol- maybe KINK will add an 'image' locator/finder to their search tools on next update....
  • Hi! I'm Abi, the girl of pic. :D
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