Muzix my life 2 !!

I hear what your sayin' on the music issue. I have very few interests outside of it. I can't say, "Been there, Done That", but it feels like I touched on all different forms. If I was looking for a female counterpart to collaborate with... she would have to be totally about music. If I showed you a picture of a treble clef symbol, for instance, and you said something like, "Oh that's a music note!" I would have to say, "Next, please!" Seriously. I can't always tell who's playing the 'riffs' but I can usually identify the song. Oh yeah. I've been a Disc Jockey, played different instruments in different bands and am now looking for some interesting input and outlets! - jef


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  • YAY!
    I watched a Tull video once...a guy said he met a girl when she recognized Dun Ringill when it was played in a bar...and she knew who it was and what he married her!
    Match made in heaven!!!!
  • Treble clef

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  • Oh no Miss was a british couple on a Tull Biography video...but I would have recognized it and known the album...Storm Watch!
    I introduced Cheapo but he's a fan now too...
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  • NOT happening Miss K... X(
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  • Bass Clef

  • Maybe I'll think about it Miss a year or three!
  • Didn't I already suggest "Back Door Angels" by Tull (from "War Child" lp)? I wonder how to post music and videos here. I'll check it out. - jef
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    check out the Let's Talk About Music thread...chatty put up your song yesterday...
    talk to her and Kim about how to post music...they do it all the time!
    PS: Chatty is the HBN here
  • Thanxxx! - jef
  • Anytime...sounds like you and she may have a lot in common...she tends to go overboard on her Tull postings!!
  • Don't blame her. Anybody that can 'rock it' with a FLUTE for cryin' out loud... has my full respect!!

    Some people used to tell me that they didn't like Tull 'cause, they said, "He's a pervert!" ??? I never got that. Probably the whole 'Aqualung' persona...

    I didn't see his live-in-concert stuff, but he was probably just being a Brit! ha ha - jef
  • As I said...PLEASE don't get Chatty started on Tull...she worships the band...well, hang around and you'll get a see what we mean!!
    The music thread is pretty popular gets lots of hits...
    I'm Alex BTW...welcome...
  • Just let me know what you want sir and I'll try to post it for you sir...
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