50 Shades of Grey Was Dumb on the Surface

Yes she was cute, and somewhat kinky but:
1.He was abused child who was exposed to the cruelties of the world as a child and never realize he never left his captors. It was just his nature now? But he wanted to bring her into a bigger world and out of her simple one.
2. She never ever understood the contract concept. For to have done so, would have simply allowed her the ability to use the safe word Yellow Green, when she actually needed to. That being the consensual riders crop to the ass cheeks, as what she assumed must have been corporal punishment level. Note no meat was cleaved from bone with any stroke nor breakage of skin. But she got mad that she allowed herself to be taken to a new level-yet that was actually only a step down from where she was. The paper of the agreement was not so binding as the possible bondage bracelets.
3 I began to get annoyed with how many times she would ask WHY?
4. From Sub, to Switch to Dom...wow he was actually humiliated and still is at each and every turn of his life. He never found Humility, personality I keep that in right next to my humor. To be humiliated would actually require a different venue, that of a roast. I guess the remembrances of all the ideas that didn't really work out. As well they would have to be the focus of the event. For I think you really will have had to have done it on your very own. And not while in the service of another. For this is embarrassment after the fact. Fortunately though a roast able to become the satirical event with everybody's shortcomings being offered in exchange of this abuse.
5. Was he actually retarded too? For he went from Sub to Switch to Dom? Don't even tell me he was varsity or A Game Player, because I never played water polo before freshman year. In a matter of less than a month I Varsity First String playing at College Level again my freshman year of high school. I knew I never wanted to play those lower useless leagues. The Skills were tough to every team mate the same uniform way; the Style of Play you developed from the YOU. Really so he begins to think... hey I wonder what the other side of the coin is like? Guess I had better figure out to roll with the changes going on around my social circles. He just didn't want to come out I guess from the closet? That is to be definite in his life choice. Personally I could play either roll for neither has any direct inner need of my own to be filled. It's all about her kink. To me as a guy I can see it comparable to a Dr. Learning Anatomy, while the Nurse learns Medicine. One will and can actually become dominate by growth or it genes. The other the masquerade loosely the transition or belief that there can be a Physical Pain vs Mental Pain as in Addiction. Honestly ladies my pussy hurts too for more dope.
Sadly though, it was sort of sado masochism or the sad person taking it out upon another or the world. The Memories now being made physical and cycle continues sort of to another. Yes again her mind like that of child which could not understand the contract began with trust and honesty between the two. I bet that contract could have actually only been a prenuptial agreement for the guy who had found love at first sight. Unfortunately though she could not accept her position in society as being that above others petty concerns or opinions.
I guess it would have been too much for her to conceive that she would also have to learn how to fly. This was his ace in the hole, it was his image saver to be able at key moment to rise above the ordinary.
The only really good part of the move was her ass as well being able to talk through it and poke fun at each step of the way. It would be a kick to have an assortment of Kink girl chicks (not bitches) to have a movie night of it. Oh did anybody else notice his actual problem was having too much money? I mean really a different paddle for each day of the year hung neatly from the tool rack? All Virtually identical.

Well I hope now we have a common ground that we can begin to understand each other with, since now you should have a common reference point? Someday maybe I will take you back to the concept of world banking using the information super highway or the digital communication system. Again from Prince Henrys Line in the sand of the globe or world for you know yesterday and today....exactly the opposite side of the world is a place called Midway Island for some reason? It is 12hr off England TIme. If you Island hop the area, you can easially turn the Dec 7th the day that will live in Infamy or Pearl Harbor bombing to be accurately reported as being also Dec 11th from another perspective especially that of reporting around the world. Maybe if I just say, The Sun Never sets on the British Empire. Duh, how can it? As tomorrow glimmers in the horizon it is also the beginning of a new yesterday as well. I am sure if I were to simply draw you the map of hey... imagine it this way: With Daylight savings of an hour forward You also need one of an Hour backwards. So Fall forward or fall backm but there is also the time of year when you just don't actually fall for your not tripping. The standard of being able to be the hour forward vs hour backwards. As in if your making money or losing money or just breaking even?
So in other words this might be true? To have the foreknowledge of the skim of the digital economies of the world, but never able to prove it is one thing...difficult but already thought of before. When you have a news worthy event that is able to be heard about around the world for one reason or the other/ Such as maybe we could ask Candybellexxx of Kink about Hungary and the Syrian Refugees great migration. Just a personal opinion of the general nature of the group as whole, and from what she has truly seen and experienced. Maybe even weighed vs her Movies of Public Disgrace Hungary Style...maybe only hers from a country sense...but would there be any patriotism involved? You know I don't know if I ever mentioned but technically if she is truly from Hungary then she was not nor ever would be Kink Material. Hungarian's are simply as as word word "Perverts"
So you know it was said to the first Emperor of China that if he were to save the children all the world would love him. This was told to him by his hostage Han Princess. Well it was he Mandate and Charge to build the Great Wall, not actually allow many small walls to exist that only showed the history of those who died at them individually. Even the Assassin the personally usually in the highest office a civil service can offer could even ever hope to triumph by performing his charge. His greatest victory was in the execution of his duty not his task.
So back to Hungary, do you suppose that since Hungary is on it's own economy and not part of the Euro Dollar, that maybe they might best explain the Culture Shock we might be going through? The Paper Gods


  • Im guessing this is a criticism about The inaccuracies of the movie from the 50 shades of grey book series and not the excelent and informitive . 50 shades of gray series on kink university . Never saw the movie started reading the books could not finish them I could not get over all the inaccuracies. As to how a bd/sm relationship works. However the author of the books was able to sell her product to a certian large female demographic . It's a romantic fantisy series think harliqin romances .

    This reminds me of the time i read a romance book for women . In it there was a paragraph where the main character. Takes her porsche into a mechanics shop and the mechanics in the shop . Make a bunch of sexually explicit jokes about the radiator hose in her porsche . Porsche of that modle dont have a radiator they have an air cooled engine .

    I emaild the publishing company about the fact .that the author was wrong about the cooling system of the porsche .

    they emaild me back Telling me that the main focus of the book was the main characters "relationship" with the other main character in the book. That these types of Mechanical inaccuracies. Where not important to there core consumers. As it was a work of fiction.

    Im glad to see that kink university tells people the proper and safe way to use bd/sm and kink in your love life . However i stronley suspect due to the fifty shades or grey series.there might be to be some hostpital vists .Due improper use of zip ties duct tape etc, As kink univerity is considerd "porn" and not socially aceptible. But 50 shades or grey is considerd romantic fantisy and aceptible.
  • Really you said that? I am all for an alma madder, but you just made my point of it being remedial education. Just so you know, you can not physically even see 50 shades of grey. If you want to get in the absurd technical. Also common sense will tell you how to be safe with sex. And the majority of hospital visits due to kinkiness are from the i.e. vibrator becoming stuck in the ass of an indavidual when it was pushed in too far.
    Again it sounds like you missed the point of the safe word. And its application and use. As well it seems that you are still amazed at everything you see. The advice would be: Believe only half of what you see and even less of what you hear around here. But I am well aware of the success of the 50 shades of grey movie. It went over about as big as Broke Back Mountain, that is to say expose people to new things.
    Now I am sure that it would be fun to take a few extension courses at Kink University, as well be able to participate in the University Social Events. Lastly it would be completely fun to Use Kink U as actually back ground information for i.e. job applications..But hey they are not the only ones with a University, Adult Friend Finders Even has one I think..... but the real benefit for it could be the application of the Student Union and etc vs the continual placement of warnings for i.e. the feared university that would use a profile as research material. I guess everybody kind of forgets that would be plagiarism, to copy the work with-out permission. Speaking of which do you know if AFF has a Club inside the Kink University? Possibly demented and sad but still social? Actually I truly would love to STUDY ABROAD, I would love to learn the lay of the land. Such things as possible studying why Arial X has the only clear references to his of this site I have ever notice so clearly...it could be just chance but still... Everything from her profile page that she has ever appeared in has a Price to it. First the Membership price to the site $14 flat and that includes everything unlimited for the month. (this is every site to be a member) This could come in handy when I am only limited to 5 views and I am more than 5 views horny. Or you can purchase the shoot for usually between 15-22 kinks. And get this: It goes into your very own library. Now I remember when a model would offer you 2 for 1 as in Everything Butt and Devine Bitches for one low monthly membership rate. I take that back the one Chantas Bitches she is in only has the Kinks Price to it.... ,maybe because it seems it was filmed in 2008 and yet only posted by those two in Feb of 2015. Oh I also noticed to the videos are basically a Kink on Demand web site page all to their own.
    anyways I got to go thanks for the thoughts
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