Shoot Theme - Nuru Massage

Hi Ariel,

Another idea - I would love to see a slippery sliding Nuru massage scene with preferably busty girls selected for this shoot. A creampie in the nuru gel will be an ideal ending :-)



  • Whats nuru?
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    I sent you a message explaining Nuru
  • gooey. nude. full body. Google has its moments!
  • neal7777 my friend you are in my mind
  • i guess the models would go for this, because it is such a sensual idea. would members be ok with a slightly softer approach? though my experience of sensual massage is that it often ends up hot and dirty!
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    I think a Nuru massage themed scene has already been shot in January - watch out for the updates
  • drooling and dribbling...
  • up now! Ella Nova and Jessica Fox!
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    Wow how good is the scene - All of you should Thank me for this shoot theme :-)

    Thanks to Ariel for fulfilling my request :-)
  • Congrstulations neal!!! Excelent idea, I hope You feel proud, and as always post more ideas like the elevator scene, pals three hurra for neal!!!!! :)>-
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