Congrats Kink Live web-net-cam Models - 2015 (last 1 from KINK?)

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[........for May........]

**** New Top 5 ****


well we have to wait & see for June and beyond........

KL will not be under KINK control after June...

Streamate, is the name given to the Models and only a few details ...its not clear yet how it will affect/impact the KL Users....

one positive note is C2C is available thru SM........

......stay tuned....


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    Congrads..image :)
  • Just to clear up any confusion, KinkLive has NOT been sold to anyone, nor is there any plan to sell KinkLive. We are currently looking into different options for a new platform, given that our current one has a number of issues and does not have all the features our models want. What we are forseeing in the future is definitely more of along the lines of partnership/collaboration than sales or merger. Thanks for understanding.
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    txxx again
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    good to see whos the top
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    there s/b a new TOP 5 coming soon.....
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    no chgs since May 2015 - (could be due to the decision not finalized)

    However since the August Forums glitch - and since the links are not restored and/or not going to be...

    here are the last Top 5 from May 2015...
    and remains unchanged ......
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    are they popular too ? ?
  • I think being in the top 5 means they're the five most popular...
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    its done

    any questions contact KTS
    [email protected]

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