how about free cams?

free cams!!!!!!!!!! please!


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    appreciate your wish but u might as well wish to meet all the KINK Models personally
    mite have a slight better chance...

    still there is always hope u can get ur wish......
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    why are not working anymore?
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    no official word but KINK said when they put them up eventually the cams would be for members only.... the free cams remained on for much longer than originally thot
    then the 24/7 format for TUF changed and there wasnt any real action to see...
    u can still chat there with other TUF Members just not the Models & Directors
    i miss the slave-qtrs showers but all good things must come to an end...sadly...
    now with 'Beta-KINK3' there will not be any option to access (unless they do it thru KL -which we wanted too...)....but never happened...
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    thank, so there is no hope to get them back
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    wouldnt bet on it happening....

    and theres always hope....
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    free cams are all offline. That is very poor. I think that many users miss them, too.
    We want the free cams back!!!!!!!!
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    theres the hope.....
    maybe if more show up like this, maybe maybe maybe Peter can find it in his kinky heart of hearts to bring them back..... its a long-shot....
    slave qtrs

    we miss u kinky cams and the kinky lounge voice some called 'margret'
  • we gotta keep asking for them back....all toogheter
    it was a good thing to catch new potential customers too
    showing the parties through free cams
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    as a pessimist i am doubtful
    to/for all the optimists i hope so... and post away....
    for neutral users, yes they should show their thots...
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    I would also like to see the cams come back, even if only for members... I know that we can see the live parties on the member feed, but the true voyeur in me still liked watching all the action from the other cams... Please bring them back online!!!
  • yeah and we gotta be more asking for that
    keep asking and involing others to ask for them back
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    Used to enjoy the cams, and chatting with others. Only complaint was when on a live show and the light rig, or some other piece of kit was placed directly in the way of the camera.
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    some of that was inadvertent ... some was intentional so that those not yet members would join in.... to see what they couldnt see ....but sadly that never really gave much fruit... no matter how much members (and occasionally KINK...) urged the 'onlooker' to join - just a handful (that i ever saw)... made the 'jump'....

    yes, the 'free-chat' was similar as here with topics from food - cars - the news- D/s roleplay- other kinky 'stuff'...etc...
    and now with 'Beta-KINK3' we see no provision to access the kinky 'free-cams' ....even if they were still connected...
  • I`m still very sad, that there are no livecams anymore. I miss them. Many others here miss them. Bring our livecams back!!!!
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    +1 for bringing back the live cams!
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    . fdx00000.
  • I joined for a year and I think all these great ideas like Cams, and raw footage is great, don't let them go. Separate yourself from the other kink porn
  • Here's another vote to bring the cams back online, even if only for members...
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    no more live scenes - that is very sad.
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