Has given any thought of offering custom videos. Imagine being able to pick a model and dream up a custom video with all your favorite positions or things that you wish would happen. What a turn on. Also a good way to pay the models fees and you could still put them on the site. If you decide to offer customs sign me up.


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    which Models? the KINK-cam or the KINK-Vids Models and/or other?

    the Models that do KINK-vids for the KINK sites and cam here on KINK in KL -most of them do have web-sites u can order custom vidz from the Model......even those who dont cam have web-sites... u can ask them for sure they will do it....u can have a recorded 'skype' session with most KL-Models as well...thats the Models choice not KINK....

    will KINK get involved or are - is anybodys guess... but from a business pov i doubt KINK is interested...(imo) produce anything specific for a specific KINK model....

    in fact, at one point KINK did record the sessions on KL ....they are still available thru/on KOD....maybe that could be re-started for Models who do their shows from San Fran at the KINK Studios....other than that its more likely u would be better off contacting/asking the Model(s).....
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    also at one point a few years back
    it was discussed and got to a 'planning-stage' to set-up a 'LIVE' session with a
    DIRECTOR &/or Model(s) where u directed the scene in whatever u desired her to do
    if it involved BDSM with whipping/suspension/non-self-bondage/anything herself would be difficult...the Director would do and the cam would be positioned so that it appeared as if u were doing the request on/to the Models....u would be the DOM/DOMME
    ....sadly that never got to production....
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    nothing new....

    feel free to comment if u wish......

  • Considering all the changes going on now, customs are a great idea, especially if the model produces or is not located in San Francisco. It seems a natural progression for KINK ON DEMAND! :)
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    yes thats a good description on what you find the models for the site offer here but its not free and you would need to tip them too don :))
  • There are some models that have their own web sites that might offer custom shoots...
  • They really should start so they can sell them back on their sites and or to KINK ON DEMAND as well. You can only be physically on line for so long but your videos can be 24/7 right?
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