NastySecretary really ?

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is she really in an office with a guy who has no idea shes doing all sorts of things KINKy....

u decide [cliK hilited text to watch]



  • I think questionable sir!
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    and yes there is a cam under the desk ....hbv555 edt
  • Well, that's interesting sir!!!!!! :D
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    shes bac now.....
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    shes done - hopefully, she'll cummmm bac........
  • Actually I checked her out one afternoon...she's cute but I felt bad for her...some of the viewers took things a little too seriously and criticized her for being "not really at work"'s just a role anyway!
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  • Question: So, Miss K, how many people work at your office?
    Miss K: About half!
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    lol -hbn.....
  • :D :D :D =)) =))
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    my question is what he has on his screen...
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    thinking same here freeborn2 -kinky happy u brought it UP....
    prolly its a cam under his desk - selfie
  • I bet he's playing on the Kink Forums!!!!!!
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    exactly hbn
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    it appears to be a 'gimmick' buttttt it is still KINKy worthy.....(imo)
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    heres another Model appears to be same set-up.....
    PrivatePrincess with BOSS
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    you're right...same office...but if it keeps guys happy there...does it really matter???
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    when she or the other bends over to talk to the desk-guy brings a cheer from the kinky guys and girls.....

    butttt i c ur point Alex..... B-)
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    Seems like a lot of set up for a Kink live session though...
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    im sure the clocks were from some garbage dump...
    but yes the set-up does seem to be.....
    of course they get 2 for 1 ...or the bird in hand is worth 2 in the ....well u get it... 8-}
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