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Hi all
I am big fan of movies now I am watching Hitchcock movies right now. Latest was Rare Window.
This topic is for all who have to recommend some good movie, discus are movies been better earlier or now and stuff like that.

Of course we can make funny thread of this if you want ''movie title' Cock or Dick
Trumans Cock

You decide..image :)


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    'Rear Window' wit James Stewart & Grace Kelly?
    or is that your comedic take...

    it will be kinky interesting 2 c what develops here.....
  • Agree...Chatty did movies on her music thread a few times but this is probably a better idea...
  • awww dont throw hbn under the bus..... although im sure it wouldnt be the 1st and there could be a whole thread devoted to that - just from her '... going down UNDER....' sexploits....
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    oh I don't mean to throw her under the bus at all...Chatty is one of my closest friends here...it's just that she took some criticism for being "off topic" when she put movies on the music thread...we have her music thread...so now we need a movie thread too!
  • And yes...the adventures of Grumpy and Dopey would make it's own thread...
  • Alex, thanx for the clarification....

    and yes KINK could make millions (not to mention themselves) with not just a Forum Thread but a KINK site...but prolly that will have to wait until the 'rebranding' issue is (if ever) figured out .....

    maybe KL .....
  • and just think...we get it all for free!
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    indeed we do... sort of like 'knowin' a big time star b4 they were discovered...

    Alex u could be come their Agent.... $-)

    and to pick-up from the other thread .... i'd buy tickets to that scene.....
    May I post here...movie stuff!

    Here I go...one of the best movies ever made...Battle Royale...Japanese...the lady that wrote Hunger Games stole the story from here...
    This is the scene that explains "the game"

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    Rear Window is a great movie, but his wife is so hot, why did he allow her to wear clothes?
    Is there anything about this movie related to BDSM?
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    Hi goeller...I think we can just put good movies up...not necessarily BDSM...but the he one I'm putting next certainly does...it's PART II of the Dragoon Tattoo trilogy...from the Girl Who Played With Fire...the closing scene:
    "Thanks For Being My Friend"

    YAY Movies!
  • it open category.... u decide....
  • Thanks Mr. G...check out the ones I put up...they're all on You Tube. You can watch the entire movies...

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    hbn - always so giving ------ B-)
  • And they're really really good sir...skip the US version of Dragon Tattoo...but watch ALL three of the Swedish ones...we watch them one after the other...
    If you've never seen Battle Royale...watch it too...but be prepared for blood and death!!!!
  • yes foreign versions are better by far.....esp WIP movies..... B-)
  • Sorry sir...what's WIP sir?
  • Women in Prison..... some use GIP girls in prison...... amongst many other.... :> B-)
  • OHHHH... =))

    I don't think I've ever seen one of those...
  • np :-j
  • Some times I guess I'm a little on the naive side... :))
  • nah - its mainly a guy pov fantasy....
  • OH...thanks for keeping me company tonight sir...it's really sweet of you...
  • So Rear Window is a scary movie I guess...Hitchcock. I've never seen it...but here is the trailer for the most absolutely terrifying movie I have ever seen...it doesn't have a lot of gore or violence...just two hours of pure sadism and evil. I will NEVER watch it again...there are two versions...a German one and an American one...same exact script and director...they're on You Tube if you have the courage to watch it...

    There is NOTHING funny about this film and like I say...the most evil horror film I've ever seen...
  • The past post was a terrifying movie...this is a from a horror movie...A Tarentino flick called Deathproof...One of Kurt Russells greatest roles! it's worth a watch...but gory!!!!

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    That My TV cable network is re-running The Man From Uncle there is an episode where Kurt Russell is a little boy. They could have tied up a lot more women when they made this show.
    Have you ever seen The Phantom Of The Opera?, y'know the classic silent film from the 1920s
  • No sir...never seen that one.
    and you're right sir, but most shows can show more bondage...
    But I really like this thread!!!
  • Clive Owen is a HUNK...hot hot hunk!
    He's made some great movies...here's the trailer to a really fun fun movie...check it out if you get a chance...you can get it from Amazon pretty cheap...

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    Now that one I've seen Chatty...seems like you spend a lot of time watching movies or listening to music...or doing Kink stuff...
  • I guess I do at that...
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