I guess I'm just not sure how to get this started.........Any help would be amazing..


  • What is it you want to do?
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  • Actually Miss my limited experience on Kink Live...the purchased Kink's don't have to use a credit card...
    If you want to be ON kink live...I have no clue...sorry!
  • I set up my profile. Next step is setting up show times,correct?
  • Sorry...I have no idea...I'm sure there are instructions on the site though...Miss K knows way more than I do (about everything!)
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I'll figure it out:) thanks anyway!!
  • All I know is you have to have the camera and the computer and that stuff...sorry I'm not that helpful...
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    Hi Babygirl460!
    These links have a lot of helpful tips to get you started camming for KinkLive :
    Also, make sure to check your email for the weekly KinkLive Model Newsletter for more tips and updates.
    Thank you for camming for us!
  • yayyyy KTS to the rescue....... ^:)^ =D>
  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much appreciated!!
  • Babygirl460 if you need help to manage your screen I'm here ! At your service
    send message in forum or Inbox on KinkLive. I'm Male Model as SoniaBitchBDSM
    I confirm for member : need card credit register. No need to buy kinks. You pay by minute fixed by Model for private show or group show.
  • You can tributes to have show play in public in agreement with model.
  • you can create a twitter and ask twitter kinklive
  • then twitter kinlive have a lot of people and retweet to generate traffic for you L-)
  • transaction privacy on bank account really good job KINK.COM
  • as member you can follow kinktransactions and see sessions and tributes history
  • This time I win against Kim and Gatormaan X LOL punish me now !
  • Can I join the Circle Crew Knowledges Kim & Gatorman X please ?
  • KINK is wonderful organised for Models ! It is incredible ! and so kind with us !
  • I am trying to change my login email. That email is no longer accessible to me . and in order to set up my payment page it requires info that was sent to that email ???
    Someone help please .. The email I want is [email protected]
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    if tech support hasnt contacted u already and/or posted here yet

    try this in/for classical/current/original KINK (non-beta)
    sign/log into KINK choose Account then select E-mail settings

    see if that still works

    if not contact KINK Support...

    [email protected]

  • Hi G...I was about to tell him the same thing!
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    lol Alex, cant believe i beat the fastest fingers in Texas..... ^:)^ B-) ^:)^
  • well, to be honest, I had to go to Kink and double check the procedure...
    Fast fingers yes...but no match for a certain LS's anaconda tongue!!!!!!!
    Doing OK?
  • Besides...Not even Grumpy can match your knowledge here!!!
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    LS tongue of kinky proportions now thats kinky awesome (plus it just got the 'KINK Unicorn spy watch reward blocking overlay....) that is an internal server errror.....

    goto run finish thjs later...
  • got to leave myself right now...C U later G!
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