Looking for the name of this devicebondage scene

Can anyone help me find this video?



  • WoW I can't believe no one is willing to help me.

  • Hi Arkham862,

    This is a particularly difficult image to find the shoot for as we cannot see the models face. I went through 18 pages of shoots on DeviceBondage and was unable to locate a thumbnail that resembled this. Here is the link to page 18 if you'd like to continue the search:


    I hope this helps at least a little bit.

    Kink Tech Support

  • thank you for your help

  • Yeah it is rather difficult. the only thing I have to go by is that the model is blonde or like a strawberry blonde

  • https://www.kink.com/shoot/20949

    Google Reverse Image search is your friend.

    Searching for your image didn’t turn up much but Tumblr pages but adding ‘device bondage latex’ eventually turned up an affiliate site that had the rest of the gallery, including the mandatory smiling photo of one Cherry Torn.

  • yeah tumblr pages were all i could ever find as well its bullshit. thank you

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