I just went through some of the new shoots and wanted to give you an opinion about it. I can understand why you stopped the 4 days training. It's a pity, though, because training involves development. Did you ever think about having the same models back from time to time to have some progress?
There seems to be an overall tendency on Kink to be more mainstream and suitable for a broader audience. Unfortunatelly this leads to a merging of the great variety of different sites/kinks/fetishes. Every director tries to produce content for the mass market, which is highly hetero-male-centered. For me as a women with a strong masochistic streak the new TOO shoots are just boring. 90% of the video is centered on a hot young lady, either in bondage, or flogged, or cumming or fucking. I am not interested in that! :) If I want to see hot, muscular Doms flogging somebody or ordering s.o. around or just smirking while watching their slaves, I still have to go back to the gay section. Most hetero sites just show me a male hand or a cock (if at all).
In the beginning we had some girls that have really been into BDSM. I could relate to that, watch their journey and get something out of it. Now, all of these models seem to have gone over to the domming side and all we get to see is porn stars ... hmph ;)
So if you are looking for ways to find a new market or new customers, maybe you should be aware that right now you neglect 50% of world population.


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