other forms to tell you guys problems

im just wondering cause i haven't been able to get on the forums(and it looks like others hasn't either) is there another platform for us to contact you's with problems? i did tweet but you guys might not of saw it or something ....



  • Did you try regular email, as in support@kink.com?

  • Always has worked for us in the past...

  • Hi craen,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    Whenever you have a question or concern, you can always reach out to us via the email of support@kink.com. You can even use our support form from Kink.com located here:


    I hope this helps if you ever encounter issues, we are happy to help :)

  • my experience is that they are very responsive and they solve the problems!

  • That's my experience with them too Miss Alex...they are tremendous!!!

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