Downloads now taking over 2 hours!

ever since last night, as soon as a download hits 0.3mbs downloaded the speed of the download drops to just 100kbs. This is not my internet as this site is the only one with the issue. I've tried both Google Chrome and Firefox. Naturally if this stays thing I will HAVE to cancel my subscription because the site downloading simply isn't working for me.

Any idea how I can fix this?


  • I've noticed a similar drop of the download speed. There's a change of the download domain from to Maybe they are trying a new CDN.
  • This issue should have cleared up by now, are you still having issues @xirelativex and @narp ?
  • Everything is fine. Thanks!
  • I've noticed similar issues today - My downloads start at a decent speed and then drop to under 200kbps. On a 2Gb+ file, that's a long time to wait!
  • We did experience some difficulties with our CDN that handles older content. The issue should be resolved. If anyone experiences difficulties downloading, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email to
  • Downloads seem to be a bit flaky tonight. Started seeing the issue crop up around 11pm EST. Rebooted my computer thinking the connection just needed a refresher.........then it conked out for a few mins trying to download from the site again and then noticed the time was running 8+ hours or higher. Now the download is ping ponging.

  • I've found that some days are better than others for downloading.

  • i have been downloading everyday for about a week now, and the download speed has been declining dramatically in that time. starting at 25MB/s, it is now below 5MB/s, and not getting better... i have 150MB/s connection, but this site is very lame speed-wise

  • Hi everyone,

    We're so sorry about the download issues especially with the HD downloads! We have fixed the issue as of Monday and hope that no one is still experiencing difficulties. Please contact us at with details if you are still having download issues. We are happy to help :)

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